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Harvick didn't miss the wreck, but still got a P2

Harvick struggled for track position throughout the race and got caught in a restart scrimmage late in the event.

However, the crash on lap 281 was not the end of his day. He kept the car straight and NASCAR allowed him to re-enter the top five. After the leaders collided at the ensuing restart, he suddenly found himself sitting in the front row of the damaged No. 4 machine.

After the game. “Well, we came out the other side of the wreck. We were in the wreck, but there was no damage to the wheels and tires, just structural damage.”

While he couldn’t compete with William Byron for the win, He still managed to get his damaged car home and was runner-up. It’s Harvick’s best finish of the 2023 season.

“We had a good car all day,” Harvick added. “We just could never get to the front. Our Sunny Delight Ford Mustang was struggling today in traffic but we had a really good second half and just struggled at the start. We had a good track position and then on the greens The next pit stop was bad, but in the end it went well. I have nothing against WIlliam. The front line was torn up well, but they did a good job, just kept us in the race, you never know what could happen.”



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