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Hayao Miyazaki's “Journey to Junai” Wins Eisner Award

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©Hayao Miyazaki, Tokuma Shoten, First Second BooksThe winners of the Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards were announced Friday at San Diego Comic-Con International. Hayao Miyazaki’s (translated by Alex Dudok de Wit

    ) won this year’s US edition of Best International Material – Asia Award. First Second / Macmillan published the book.

    This manga competes with the following other works in this category:

      Junji Ito

        (translated by

          Jocelyne Allen)


                (translated by

                  Amanda Harry)

                        (translated by )( Translated by Adam Hirsch )

                          by Murasaki Yamada

                            (translated by Ryan Holmberg


                              The award is also nominated for Junji Ito

                                was in the Best Writer/Artist category, but Kate Beaton won Best Writer/Artist

                                  Ducks: Two Years in the Oil Sands

                                    from Drawn & Quarterly

                                      . shuna

                                LGBTQ+ Manga Studies Reads: Critical Beginnings, Future Directions – which includes chapters “XX, XY, and XXY: Hagio Moto’s Gender Queer Body Keiko Miyajima’s Science Fiction Manga”, William S. Armor’s “Exploring the Birth of a Slave Through Erotic Pedagogy

                                  Tagame Gengo Roh’s Pride”, Edmund (Edo) Ernest Dieter Alban’s “Gay Doujinshi as a Contact Zone: Dokkun’s ‘Bara’ Manga Adventures Between Japan and France” – nominated in the Best Academic/Scholarly Work category, and won in that category. Alison Hassall and Jonathan Warren edited the work, which is published by University of Mississippi Press.

                                  The late manga artist Keiji Nakazawa () was nominated for the Will Eisner Comic Awards Hall of Fame this year, but was not inducted. Nakazawa was previously nominated for the Hall of Fame at 400, but was also not inducted. This year’s 400 nominees include: Brian Bolland, Ann Nocenti, Tim Sale

                                    and Diana Schutz.

                                    This year’s unvoted automatic winners include: Jerry Bails, Tony DeZuniga, Justin Green , Jay Jackson, Jeffrey Catherine Jones, Erin Kaminski-Krim, Winn Mortimer, Diane Numin, Gaspar Saladino, Kim Thompson

                                      , Mort Walker, Bill Griffiths, Jack Katz, Gary Trudeau and Tajana Wood.

                                  Junji Ito’s manga (translated by Jocelyn Allen

                                    ) by Junji Ito

                                      won the Best of Asia award from the American edition of International Materials last year. Eike Exner’s Origins of Comics and Comic Books: A Revisionist History

                                        also won last year’s Best Academic/Academic Work. Source: Heidi MacDonald, Bleeding Cool (Rich Johnston)shuna



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