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Hayashi Seiji's Ichigo is under control! !end of manga

ichigoki© Seiji Hayashi, ShueishaichigokiThis year’s The magazine of Shueisha was published on Monday Got the final chapter of Seiji Hayashi

‘ s


) Manga. The second and final volume of the manga will be released on June 2.


‘ s MANGA Plus Service and Viz Media are both digitally distributing comics in English. MANGA Plus Story described:

Ichigoki is an ordinary kid who can’t wait to go to high school. He is accidentally punched by an eastern lowland gorilla who escaped from the zoo, and he dies… Somehow, he wakes up, only to find himself changed Becoming a full-metal robot?! And so begins cyborg Ichigo’s wacky and exasperating misadventures with his childhood mad scientist friend, Misao! From Seiji Hayashi‘s upbringing,friends,funny manga with Chikyuu creator Ningen Tera-chan!

Hayashi launched the manga in November . Shueisha

published the comic book on April 4. One roll.

Hayashi drew before () Manga in 2020 -450. MANGA Plus

has digitally published manga in English. This manga inspired the TV anime series in April 2019. Source:’s issue 20197104 197104

197104 2019



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