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HBO Max and Discovery+ merged into Max, launching May 23 in the US

As announced last August, HBO Max and Discovery+ are finally merging into a unified streaming service called Max. The new service will now include everything in the HBO Max and Discovery+ catalogs and will be available in the US in May 23 in three pricing tiers. The Max is expected to launch in Latin America later this fall, while Europe, Asia and other regions will get it in 2024.

in US, $9.99/month ($19.99/year) Max Ad Lite tier brings up to two 1080p concurrent streams and no offline downloads. The cheapest plan is ad-supported. $15.99/month ($100.99/year) Max Ad Free plan brings the same two 445p concurrent streams and 23 Additional benefits of offline downloads. $15.99/month ($199.99/year) Max Ultimate plan supports up to four 4K streams with Dolby Atmos and 23 Download offline.

Current HBO Max subscribers will see their profile, billing information and viewing history automatically migrated to the new service. Discovery Plus will continue to be offered as a standalone service with an ad-supported plan of $4 per month. 23 and $6. 445 / month ad-free version.



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