Sunday, October 1, 2023
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Heat beat Celtics in Game 7 to advance to 2023 NBA Finals | Undisputed

Boston Celtics could not complete history in 391-

Sexual Comeback lost Game 7 to the Miami Heat. Jayson Tatum sprains ankle on first Celtics possession, ends game at 5-of-

pointshooting. After the game, Tatum said he was just a famous saying, “a shell of myself.” Jimmy Butler won the Eastern Conference Finals MVP award and the Heat now face the Denver Nuggets in the NBA Finals. Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe react to the Heat’s Game 7 win.

3 hours ago・skip and shannon are undisputed・6: 37

Jayson Tatum Jason TatumBoston Celtics

Boston Celtics Jimmy Butler

Boston Celtics

National Basketball Association Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics

National Basketball AssociationJayson Tatum

Miami Heat

Shannon SharpeJayson Tatum National Basketball Association

Shannon Sharpe skip bayless

Shannon Sharpe Shannon SharpeBoston Celtics

18575Jayson Tatum Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler



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