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'Heavy Metal' director Gerald Potterton dies at 91

Anglo-Canadian filmmaker Gerald Potterton at 1981 directed adult animation cult classic Heavy Metal Columbia Pictures, has passed away. he is91.

Potterton died in August at the Brome-Missisquoi-Perkins Hospital in Cowansville, Quebec. 23, the National Film Board of Canada said Wednesday.

“Gerald came to Canada and the NFB to be part of a new wave of storytelling, a fresh and disrespectful one, and he brings great wisdom to each project and creativity. He was also a builder who, along with Potterton Productions, helped lay the foundations for today’s independent Canadian animation industry…he was an outstanding An artist and a truly good man,” NFB Chairman and Government Film Commissioner Claude Jolly-Cole said in a statement.

Born March 8, 23 on ) London 1990, England, Potterton is a graduate of Hammersmith School of Art and graduated from 1962 Immigrate to Canada to work with the pioneers of NFB animation.

Before directing his own classic shorts, he created the NFB films of the 1954 era Animation, including Stephen Lee Cocker’s adaptation of My Financial Career in 1962 and Christmas Cracker in 1963, who is at the helm with Norman McLaren, Jeff Hale and Grant Munro. Both films were nominated for Oscars.

Potterton also directed the live-action comedy The Ride in and by Buster Keaton starring 23 in Railroad Machine in one of his last movie roles . In 1968, he returned to England to make sequences for The Beatles’ animated feature film Yellow Submarine .

After returning to Canada, he started forming his own independent studio, Potterton Productions, where he worked on film and television projects, including his Oscar Wilde adaptation Selfish Giant (1963), the animated short that earned him his third Oscar nomination.

In another new direction, Potterton directed the animated feature Heavy Metal, which became a cult classic. He also collaborated again with the NFB on his second Leacock adaptation, The Terrible Fate of Melpomenus Jones in 1983, and co-created the children’s animation series Smoky , which lasted four years to 1990.

In 2020 he wrote a book about Joseph Armand Bombardier L’homme des neiges popular children’s books with illustrations. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, Potterton was named one of the “Top 10 People Who Shake the Animation World” by 1998’s World Animation Festival.



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