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Helck ‒ Episode 8

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This episode was particularly cozy after all the looming and doom we got last week. It’s time to finally leave the quirky island that we’ve been stranded on for the past four episodes but not without a bunch of foreshadowing that might be on the verge of some kind of psychotic break. I like that Vermilio has more or less given up on thinking that is a bad person per se and does seem to view him as an ally. However, I also like the idea that just because is very good at presenting himself a certain way, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have a bunch of demons in the closet. Whether that’s literally or metaphorically has yet to be seen but it’s clear that was skimping on the details a few times that he did allude to things from his past. Will he eventually turn on everybody or will he go on some kind of a rampage to repent for his sins? I don’t know but that’s the most story we get from this episode.

There was some foreshadowing about the witch that lives on the island and how she might be from the demon empire. I genuinely thought that she had some relation to Vermilio considering how similar they looked but maybe that’s too obvious. Maybe they’re the same type of demon? If the witch is from the demon continent then I’m curious how she ended up here in the first place and if she knows how to get back, why doesn’t she seem interested in doing so? Call me crazy but I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume this isn’t the last time we’ve seen of her because she exuded way too much presence to just be a one-off character in the story. It would be nice if our duo reunited with everybody by the next episode but I also wouldn’t be surprised if the series decided to take its time with this.


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