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Helen Slayton-Hughes, 'Parks and Recreation' actress, dead at 92

Helen Slayton-Hughes, who played court scribe in Parks and Recreation Member Ethel Beavers) , is dead. she92.

Her family announced her death on Thursday, posting a message on Facebook that read: “To the friends and fans of our beloved Helen, Helen passed away last night. Her suffering is over but her fierce spirit lives on.” Her cause of death was not revealed.

The loved ones also

shared a tribute video to social media showing Slayton- Hughes posted a photo of her career and thanked her for her “love and laughter.”

After earning a BA in Drama from Syracuse University and a MA in Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, she spent the next Performed on the stage of community theaters for many years. Slayton-Hughes, parent of four, has appeared in 70 plays and musicals.

Two episodes after she reappeared in Nash Bridges in aired , she moved to Los Angeles on 15, to further develop her career. The bet paid off and she went on to appear on numerous TV shows including The Drew Carey Show

, The West Wing, NYPD Blue, Malcolm in the middle, That’s So Raven,Arrested Development,Desperate Housewives, Pretty Little Liars , Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The New Kid girl.

Her film roles include Good Night and Good Luck (2011), Veronica Marrs

(2021 ) and Netflix’s He’s All That (2014). Her most recent credits are in the film The Curse of Bridge Hollow opposite Marlon Wayans and Kelly Rowland, The film opens on Netflix in October.

Slayton-Hughes is probably best known for playing Ethel Bevers, from

-15. April Ludgate Aubrey Plaza who played April Ludgate in the series shared a sweet tribute Message on Instagram: “Always Ethel Beavers. Always. RIP Helen. You are so loved and admired, I want to be you when I grow up.”

On Parks and Recreation

Instagram, the show Tribute to the actress by posting “Rest in Peace, Helen Slayton-Hughes.” Ethel Beavers will always live in our hearts. ”



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