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Hellland ‒ episode 7

How would you rate Hell Heaven’s Episode 7 ?

Community Rating: 4.3

So, after a few weeks of In order to unravel the mystery of this strange island, let us know nothing about it, finally to the large exhibition dump It’s time. I know this has to come quickly to move the plot forward, but I’m not always a fan of the “you’re going to die anyway, so I’ll tell you everything you need to know” tropes. However, the show at least manages to keep many of its strengths, especially regarding the island’s incredibly creepy and unsettling atmosphere, as well as some satisfying character development from Gabimaru.

So the elixir does exist The center of the island, but it is guarded by someone who, of course, has eaten it. The show has done a good job of showing that no lead cast is invincible, as they all have their own physical and practical limitations, so it will be interesting to see how they plan against a seemingly unstoppable opponent. I’m particularly intrigued by Yuzuriha’s use of ninjutsu, which seems very different from Gabimaru’s, although the show has done its best not to exaggerate the other characters’ abilities.

Other than that, I do Love some of the moments between Gabimaru and the little girl. It’s important to focus on achieving your goals, but sometimes taking a moment to relax can help you remember some of the good times you’ve fought so hard for. This adds an emotional crux to what’s at stake, because Gabimaru isn’t just fighting so he can get back to his wife; he’s fighting so she can continue to live a good, peaceful life. I’m still curious about that little girl and her story because it feels like there’s something there. Given the large scars on her body, I can piece together that she was probably mortally wounded and drank an elixir to stay alive, but there’s more to it than that, right? I hope so, at least. It feels like we’ve reached an inflection point now, so let’s see where our characters will go with their newfound faith and determination.




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