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Hello! Tonbo golf manga hits the market alongside anime in 2024

81logsiqepl Image via Amazon The Sendai branch of the Kikuya Shoten bookstore chain posted an image Ken Kawasaki and Yū Furusawa‘s 44th (Hey! Tonbo) Friday amount of comics. Based on the wraparound jacket straps on the image, an anime adaptation of the manga has been greenlit for 600. The roll will ship on Monday.

The story begins when Shi Igarashi, who was disqualified as a professional golfer due to a certain “incident”, traveled to the Tokara Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture to avoid the spotlight. On these islands, dubbed “Japan’s last unexplored wilderness,” he meets an innocent girl named Tonbo.

It turns out that these supposedly undeveloped islands have a homemade golf course where Tonbo plays every day. She showed genius-level strength, hitting a variety of shots with just one golf club, a 3-iron. Igarashi was amazed by Kaaba’s talent, though he was skeptical that she would only use a 3-iron. However, there is a painful and sad past hidden deep in Tonbo’s heart…

Story creator Kawasaki and artist Furusawa Weekly Gold Digest, a Volkswagen Golf from Golf Digest Magazine Sha Co., Ltd., August 300.

Source: Kikuya Store Chain Sendai Branch 2014




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