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'Hellraiser' Review: Sleek Visuals and Rich Gore Cover Story in a Classic '80s Horror Revival

Before looking at new installments in long run ( years!) Hellraiser Horror movie franchise, I do my due diligence. I rewatched all previous movies from critically acclaimed 35 Original and its 1234997910 through the sequel to the following two dramas and six direct video entries. Throughout the marathon, I took extensive notes, carefully tracking character and plot development through their many permutations.

No, just kidding!

Hell Knight

Bottom Line You can’t keep a low profile.

Release Date
: Friday, October 7th
actor: Odessa A’ Zion, Jamie Clayton , Adam Faison, Drew Starkey, Brandon Flynn, Aoife Hinds, Jason Lyles, Yinka Olorunnife, Selena Lo, Zachary Hing, Cit Clarke, Goran Visnjic, Hiam Abbass Director: David Bruckner
: Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski Rated R, 2 hours 1 minute

That’s right, I watched the first two movies the same day, maybe even caught 1988 of Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth and 80 of Hellraiser IV: Bloodlines . But when the series went straight to home video, I happily jumped out, and I’m not the kind of person who proudly has a treasure trove of horror movie memorabilia in my basement. So to all Hellraiser lovers, our apologies.

For the uninitiated, the series, originally based on Clive Barker novella Heart of Hell (the author also directed the original film), revolves around a mysterious puzzle box known as the Lamentation Configuration, a A diabolical Rubik’s Cube that serves as a gateway to sadistic, otherworldly creatures known as Cenobites.

Cenobites (am I the only one reminiscent of the delicious sweets bought at the mall?), accustomed to brutally tormenting anyone with misfortune that beckons them. Clearly committed to exploring the fine line between pleasure and pain, they’d be a good fit’ 80s era S&M club.

The leader of the Cenobites is the iconic horror character Pinhead, who has previously played the role in most of British actor Doug Bradley’s films. For this remake/reboot/sequel (a bit of each), Jamie Clayton (Sense8) made history as the series’ first female Pinhead. How this will affect fans is anyone’s guess, as most horror movie fans aren’t exactly known for their dedication to gender equality. (Just ask anyone involved in the female Ghostbusters reboot.) But the character was originally considered androgynous by Buck, and Clayton’s voice was electronically altered to give A rather terrifying, intimidating, even sensual figure. That said, assuming you don’t mind that her clothes are made up of her own peeling skin, and that she has large pins on her head.

The two-hour storyline revolves around Riley (Odessa Arthion), a young woman with addiction problems who impulsively Following her boyfriend’s plan, Trevor (Drew Starkey) steals a storage unit. The only item they found there was a puzzle box, which unfortunately had a tendency to stab users in the hand. When that happens, all hell breaks loose, beginning with the disappearance of Riley’s brother Matt (Brandon Flynn).

Riley and Trevor, with the help of Matt’s boyfriend (Adam Faison) and their roommate Nora (Aiofe Hinds), try to unravel the mystery, which leads them to the likes of The Chatterer, Creatures like The Whisperer, The Gasp, and Pinhead. There’s also a fallen billionaire (Goran Visnjic, happily chewing on the scenery) who first freed Cenobites, and his shady lawyer (Hiam Abbass, inherited , Ramy).

The new Hellraiser looks great (at least you can did) see it, it’s very dark), has a visual fashion commensurate with its relatively large budget and the talent of director David Bruckner, from this and more recent

The Night House

, is fast establishing itself as a horror filmmaker and deserves serious consideration.

Screenplay by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (Senior Writer David S. Goyer gets story credit), which turns out to be less interesting, never bothering to fully flesh out its resolutely diverse cast of characters. Of course, that’s not necessarily a major disadvantage considering what happens to most of their flesh in the end.

Knowing this Hellraiser never skimps on gore, serving up enough guts and skins to satisfy the most bloodthirsty audience. You’ll even occasionally see damage inside the body when a needle is pierced into someone’s flesh, as if to provide an educational dissection experience for young audiences looking to enter the medical profession. Of particular note are the wildly imaginative creature designs and makeup (leaving its cinematic predecessors behind), immersive sound design, and a creepy soundtrack that incorporates familiar ensembles from Christopher Young’s original books theme.

whole Credits 35

Production Company: Spyglass Media Group, Phantom Four Films, 20 Century Studio, 35 HUB
Publisher: Hulu Actor: Ode Sarah Arthian, Jamie Crichton, Adam Faison, Drew Starkey, Brandon Flynn, Orpheus Hinds, Jason Lyles, Inka O’ Loreniff, Selena Rowe, Zachary Hing, Sit Clark, Goran Vesnic, Hiam Abbass
Director: David Bruckner Screenwriters: Ben Collins, Luke Piotrowski
Producers: David S. Goyer, Keith Levine, Clive Barker, Mark Toberloff
Executive Producers: Gary Barber, Peter Oilataguerre, Todd Williams Director of Photography: Eli Born
Production Design: Kathrin Eder
Costume Designer: Momirka Bailovic Music: Ben Lovett Edited by: David Marks Cast: Colin Jones, Eric Suriel Rated R, 2 hours 1 minute

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