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Henry Winkler on the shock of 'Barry' series finale: 'I'm speechless'

[This story contains major episodes from the series finale of Barry through), “Wow.”]

In the end, it wasn’t the Chechen thugs or the FBI who ended up stepping down as outlaw assassin Barry Berkman ; This is (second spoiler alert! )Henry Winkler’s Gene M. Cousino.

Of course, when Cousino set up Barry’s arrest in the Season 3 finale, he thought He’s already done that , but assassination attempts by Noah Hank (Anthony Carrigan) and Cristovah (Michael Irby) give Barry the chance to break out of prison and be with Sarah. Leigh on the run for eight years (Sarah Goldberg) and their eventual son John. Cousineau also believed he finally solved his Barry Berkman problem in episode 4 of the final season, when he fired off a “prop gun” gifted by Rip Torn in what he thought was a vengeful Barry, but instead he shot His son, Leo (Andrew Leeds), is delivering takeout from Gene’s beloved Coral Tree Café to his secluded Big Bear Lodge.

But In the series finale directed by Bill Hader, there were no more mistakes and half-finished things as Gene picked up his Rip Torn gun and killed Barry with it straight away, without hesitation or a word.

“So, [Bill] told me [the midseason finale], while I Was an eloquent guy, but I couldn’t get my words out. I went, ‘Me what!?’ So, I stuttered a little bit, and I walked away and got some avocado toast,” Winkler told The Hollywood Reporter .

Ultimately, Gene had nothing left to lose. Since By not disclosing the $250,000 worth of Chechen drug money Barry sent him in season three, he’s already embroiled himself in the murder of Detective Janice Moss (Paula Newsome), and even his son takes advantage of the omission. concluded that his father was a criminal mastermind who shot him on purpose. However, according to Winkler, it was not his own son in the LA Times More condemnation leaves Gene cornered; it’s inheriting his surrogate son Barry’s evil legacy that prompts Gene to pull the trigger,” Winkler said. Get closer, so he’s overwhelmed by the evidence. Remember, Barry is Jean’s wanted son, not Gene’s son.”

Below, in In a recent spoiler conversation with THR, Winkler also explained that Gene’s headspace as the camera pulls away is the last time from the disgraced acting teacher and his lifeless protégé Barry there. He then reflects on valuable writing for the HBO series following the current WGA strike.

Well let’s not bury the lede. When you When opening the script for the Barry

series finale*) And you read that Cousineau was the one who ended Barry Berkman’s life, what was your reaction to such a shocking event?

Well, mind you, we didn’t see the script. It was only mailed to us a few weeks ago. So, when I shoot, I don’t read the script beforehand.

how come?

Midway through the season, Bill [Hader] said to me, “We finally broke [episode] eighth. You want to know How does it end?” I said, “Of course,” not expecting it to go anywhere near where it went. So, he told me that although I am an eloquent person, I can’t speak. I went, “Me what!?” So, I stammered a bit, and walked away to get some avocado toast.

So, before pulling the trigger, Gene wallows in self-pity, and after not revealing $, he involves himself in Jenny Silk (Paula Newsome) murder, Barry gave it to him in season three.

Well, it’s not just about self-pity. In the seventh episode of the season, Gene is confronted with all the evidence pointing his way, and he really can’t see a way out. He even said to his son, “You have to help me here.” Leo [Andrews Leeds] said, “Well, you never really gave me a good explanation, let alone money.” So I think Gene was insane at that moment. Gene is doing his best to try to keep it all together, and he just got back from building houses for other people on a kibbutz [in Israel]. Most houses are falling down; Gene is not very good at it. (laughs.) But I think he’s crazy. So, it’s not necessarily out of self-pity; it’s just a blank space in his brain.

Henry Winkler at Barry In the series finale “Wow”. Image courtesy of HBO

He is also reading damaging news articles, specifically one from the LA Times, Leo reiterates his belief that Gene shot him after discovering he bought the house with Chechen drug money. Was losing his son in this way the tipping point for him to kill Barry?

I do not think so. I think it’s because Gene got blamed for what he knew Barry did. Gene seemed to be in one of the rooms where the walls all converged towards the center, so he was overwhelmed by the evidence. Remember, Barry is Gene’s desired son, not Gene’s son. Gene had this push and pull relationship with Leo his whole life, but Leo always seemed to take Gene back. And this time, when Gene came back from the kibbutz, he walked into Leo’s house and didn’t say, “You have to leave. We’re done.” He said, “Okay, come in.” ’ But now he’s like, ‘Oh, you never really told me the truth, I can’t help you. So, Gene is completely locked into this situation that he thinks he can control. Far from Gene and a lifeless Barry, how would you describe your interaction with Bill that day?

Business as usual. I made tea and went into Gene’s space. In real life, I used to say that when I was a kid fighting at home, my head would go from pink to dark Gray. So, I’ll listen to opera to bring me back into balance, back to pink. So I think Gene’s brain is in that murky gray. He’s just succumbed to the universe. He doesn’t have any more cards to play, No more Gene tricks to play with either. He’s a cooked fish with a fork, swallowed by the universe into the void.

He uses Rip Torn’s gifted prop gun killed Barry, considering the two of you worked together Crazy Joe and The Larry Sanders Show

, did that prop gun blur the line between fiction and your reality?

I never thought about it. I just laughed at the Rip Torn I knew. The Rip Torn I knew was a phenomenal actor and he told me straight up, “The CIA made me hold out my hands , and then they put a bowl of water in each hand to see how long I can last. Then they hit me with a two-by-four. (Winkler impersonating Torn.) So, what do you do with it? I was like, “Hey, would you like some coffee?” Rip, let’s have a salad. (laughs.) But he’s a cute guy.

The series Ends with Barry’s now teenage son John (Jaeden Martell) watching Barry Berkman’s movie Masks The Collector , which portrays Gene as the ultimate villain, Portraying Barry as a heroic victim. Does it break your heart to know that Jean basically inherited the legacy that belongs to Barry?

Absolutely. From the moment Gene met him, this guy was a fake. He just didn’t allow himself to see it. So, it was heartbreaking. Gene put all of his Every good teaching from this man. He helped him. He adopted him as his son. Now, of course, Gene is totally misplaced too. When he was Lon O’Neil from Vanity Fair [Patrick Fischler] Performing a one-man show, Gene thinks he’s in charge, but he’s just a dangling puppet He’s being kicked around like a football in a Premier League game in Europe .

Last month, you mentioned to me you took one yourself Scene you think this is the last film for Barry. While wrapping, you say Bill hugged you and thanked you for being such a great collaborator. That What’s the scene at the end?

That’s [episode 4] Gene shooting through the door intruder. He thought it was Barry, it turned out to be his son. So, we got there in the cold at Gene’s cabin in Big Bear, and we got out just in time before the snow shut everything down. But that was the scene. The staff was waiting for me outside the door, although of course I Knowing what Bill must have said to each of the cast members as they finished their work on this fantastic series, it was still empowering to me to hear him say that.

Now that the Big Bear episode (“It Takes a Psych”) is out, are you planning a trip to the Coral Tree Cafe only to find out that Gene’s son nearly died?

(laughing). I live so this is so funny. I might Went there once a few years ago, But I’ve never actually been there. This seems to be a place that really likes salads, which are the last thing I order at lunch. I ate well, but the pate beat the salad.

Given what is going on in our industry right now, can you think of one from Examples of Barry Great writing to make your performance or understanding of Gene happen all The change?

I feel very strongly about this. Writing is both a beginning and an end. If you don’t have words, no one can hang your hat. Directors can’t direct, actors can’t act, designers can’t design, and cameramen don’t know what to shoot. From to1394, Barry writes from start to finish The tails are unusual. [Author’s note: Barry’s pilot was in .] When you think there might be a problem and say “I think there might be a problem”, it’s like writing heals itself. It just bubbled up and worked out, and that’s because of Bill, Alec [Berg], Liz Sarnoff, Duffy [Budreau] and all the writers. This is a fact.

From the East, where writers are king, a Broadway playwright can’t change a line without permission, and here, the writer is the first to be fired. This Not trying to slander, but how come you don’t see how important the author is to what we’re doing? You have to use your belly to entertain. You have to do it intuitively. You can’t do that from the balance sheet or from your head. It doesn’t work. We’re all the same, and if you’re real, someone’s going to say, “Gosh, I know that . I’ve lived that

. That man is my Uncle Howard!”

Sally (Sarah Goldberg) was teaching Gene’s method earlier in the season, and her students accused her of being abusive. Do you think Gene’s technique is an abuse?

NO, I have not. I think Gene does an excellent job, especially if his students pay cash on time. (laughs.) Gene doesn’t care about insults. He knows a little bit, he just a little bit. It’s like having almost no butter and trying to cover your bread from edge to edge.

You compared Gene to a crackhead before so you’re disappointed he heard about Daniel Day-Lewis and Mark Wahlberg Possibly going to be in what would become The Mask Collector and relapse as fast as he did? Those eight years in Israel didn’t seem to dampen his insatiable need for the spotlight.

Gosh, isn’t this fun? I’m disappointed, but not enough to stop. After the phone call with Nate Corddry’s agent character and Sally, I wish I had made it clear that Gene knew he shouldn’t be doing this, but he had to do it anyway. The chances of Gene being with a star again and possibly being a star again are far greater than good.

1235481717 Henry Winkler , great job, congratulations on a job well done.

Thanks. I have to tell you, I’m sad now that Barry is over. It’s hitting me right now because this show and these guys are a gift from heaven.

1235375966 Barry now Available on HBO and Max. This interview has been edited for length and clarity .



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