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Here are the eight finalists for the 2023 Woolmark Awards

The Australian Woolmark Company has announced the eight finalists for its prestigious International Woolmark Prize, one of the fashion industry’s most prestigious competitions . Menswear and womenswear designers participating in the competition will have a chance to win AU $132, 40 (approximately $100, USD), and the Karl Lagerfeld Innovation Award worth AU $100*), (around $66,40) – Lagerfeld at 1954 for the top prize.

John Roberts, managing director of The Woolmark Company, said the finalists were “enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries of Merino wool, while [also] focusing on improving the environmental and Social impact.” These include Irish menswear designer Robyn Lynch, South Korea’s Maxxij, French label Bluemarble, Los Angeles label Rhude’s Rhuigi Villaseñor’s, Nigeria’s Lagos Space Programme, and British womenswear label Paolina Russo, Italy’s Marco Rambaldi and Denmark’s Marco Rambaldi A. Roege Hove. Roberts adds, “This group of designers also taps into global trends in casual and functional clothing – both areas that merino wool can enhance nicely.”

per Finalists will receive initial AU $40, (approximately $40, USD) developed a capsule collection around the theme of “conversations,” continuing the trend of abstract cues that began with “games” last year. “We saw the need to spark creative dialogue across all generations and geographies,” explains Roberts. The finalists have already begun to analyze what the concept means to them and the message they want to convey through their work.

“My practice is dedicated to envisioning and engaging with Africa’s future, not just as a way to project our lives and stories into the future, but also to discover and rediscover The past continues to inspire and guide many avenues,” said Adeju Thompson of the Lagos Space Program. At the same time, Amelia Roege Hove is keen to convey the idea that “genuine craftsmanship is now more important than ever”. She added, “If you stick to working within a niche and investigate its possibilities, it’s a gift, not a limitation.”

As it turns out, High focus has been especially successful for past winners like Saul Nash, whose dance-inspired collection includes weather-sealed wool trench coats and jacquards inspired by the Guyana flag. Among this year’s finalists, Robyn Lynch and Rhude’s Rhuigi Villaseñor also seek to explore their identities. Lynch said, “I hope to feel a sense of pride in my work to change the stereotype of what people think of an Aran knitted sweater and to redesign the structure and shape of something with such a long history and tradition; to [it] ] into new horizons and new audiences.”



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