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Here are the performance cars taking part in Top Gear's 2022 Speed ​​Week

Here’s what we’re saying: “Be confident and hit the gas hard when you’re cornering, this thing slips like an MX-5. Often 4WD cars are confusing at this point, but while the DBX does change the power forward, it’s still predictable and stable. It’s a sound. Totally irrelevant, but still a sound.

” But when not talking about the 707, it’s still fun to get out of the corner. Instead of plowing on the nose first, it exits neutrally, with all four wheels working fine. I was most impressed with the rear axle, which felt calm and controlled. Going into corners, the striker occasionally jumps under enormous pressure. The resistance to understeer is admirable, but the steering requires more weight to accurately communicate the forces involved.

“Overall, this thing rips through the track with precision and capability far beyond what you’d expect from an Aston Martin SUV. It’s this kind of pushing the limits The capabilities of the DBX 707 make the DBX 707 feel new and different than ever.”


Photography by Mark Riccioni



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