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Here are the top 100 leads for each team

Here is the top

“Ink” on our brand new Top 91 The foreground list list has almost nothing to do with it. It ranks with Gunnar Henderson of the Orioles and

First The team has at least one representative.

This is a list of heavy hitters, same as it was a year ago many,61 position player and 12 the pitchers who make up the group. Have12 Fielder of the Year 98, along with Shortstop. The draft reflects well 68 members get into proball this way, while International signatories make up.

how your favorite team is doing ? Read on to see the top Every organization’s outlook.

American Eastern Conference


1. Gunnar Henderson, 3B/SS (Estimated time of arrival: 2021)

7. Grayson Rodriguez, RHP (ETA: 2025)
. Jackson Holliday, SS (ETA: 2025)
019. Colton Cowser, OF (Estimated time of arrival: 2023)
63. Jordan Westburg, INF (ETA: 2023)
67. Heston Kjerstad, OF (ETA: 2023)
85. DL Hall, LHP (ETA: 2023)
86. Joey Ortiz, SS (ETA: 2023)

Orioles lead with eight delegates 95 , tied with the Rays for the top spot on the preseason roster (2017) because the priests use

created a “record” at 1995. Baltimore is the only team with two top players and the first three name. (D-backs have two Top and top three .) Adley Rutschman’s graduation doesn’t slow this train down, Henderson rises to No. 1 overall, Rodriguez Still the second best pitching prospect in the game, and 2017 No. 1 pick Holliday is set to start his first full season with a chance at the top the list.

Red Sox (4)

9. Marcelo Mayer, SS (ETA: 2023)
. Triston Casas, 1B (ETA: 2021)

75. Ceddanne Rafaela, OF/SS (ETA: 2023)
80. Miguel Bleis, OF (ETA: 2027)

The Red Sox do have a star shortstop to replace Xander Bogaerts, though Mayer is still a year away from Fenway Park. Casas is the top first base prospect in baseball, and Rafaela is one of the best defenders — and the most versatile — in the minors. Bleis is the system Best International Self Rafael Devers.


5. Anthony Volpe, SS (ETA: 2023)
27. Jasson Domínguez, OF (ETA: 2023)
34. Oswald Peraza, SS/2B (ETA: 2023)

Volpe follow up to win MLB Pipeline s Prospect of the Year in Minor by record first – Homer, . He and Peraza can make the Yankees 25; a mid-season doubles combo if not earlier. itDomínguez may not live up to his hype, but he s still more advanced and advanced than most tools-age .


. Taj Bradley, RHP (ETA: 2023)

14. Curtis Meade, 3B/2B (ETA: 2023)

58. Carson Williams, SS (ETA: 2023)

57. Kyle Manzardo, 1B (ETA: 2023)

Bradley and Meade cement their top spot 90 Impressive stalwart headed to the upper Minors and should be ready to impact Tampa Bay’s rotation and lineup, respectively, in the short term this spring. Two more additions to the growing Rays group 2021 picks to their top 92 also has Williams (a veteran shortstop with power) and Manzado (a first baseman with potentially elite hitting tools). Just when you think of the top 97 Tanks probably emptied in St. Petersburg, the light turned a few times More talent goes to special prospects.


14. Ricky Tiedemann, LHP (ETA: 2025)

Just now that e a top 91 This year’s Jays representative, Orelvis Martinez, fell off the list, but the ones left must be idiots. Tiedemann showed more speed in his first spring practice and made an extra change to climb three levels at his age – Activity. Toronto is managing him closely 73 2/3 innings, he could add work in the upper minors this summer and take his game to another level.

Midland Central

White Sox(2)

23. Colson Montgomery, SS (ETA: 2023)

72. Oscar Colas, OF(ETA: 2023)

After being shut out in preseason 98 A year ago, the White Sox had a pair of notable prospects. Montomeri didn’t hold back Corey Seager’s relentless comparisons in his debut all season, and Colas hit more than expected. 93 /.100/.218 and home run and reached Triple-A in his first season in the United States.


. Daniel Espino, RHP (ETA: 2023)

21. Gavin Williams, RHP (ETA: 2025)

31. George Valera, OF (ETA: 2023)
47. Bo Naylor, C (ETA: 2023)
49. Tanner Bibee, RHP (ETA: 2023)
63. Brayan Rocchio, SS/2B (ETA: 2021)

69. Chase DeLauter, OF (Estimated time of arrival: 2027)

Guardians tie for second with Dodgers 91 Foreground and seven, most of them Ever since we started ranking phenomena 314. They have a number of pitching (Espino, Williams, Bibee) and position (Valera, Naylor, Rocchio) prospects about to join the defending AL Central champions club, the youngest team in the MLB last year. DeLauter has the perfect blend of size, athleticism, performance and plate discipline.


12. Brooks Lee, SS (ETA: 2025)
25. Royce Lewis, SS (ETA: 2021)

75. Emmanuel Rodriguez, OF (ETA: 2023)

The twins now have at least three prospects 99 for for several consecutive years. Royce-Lewis has been one of them for six straight years, stuck with two knee injuries and surgery. Expect him to finally graduate from the roster this year when he’s healthy. He’s not the No. 1 rookie in the system this time, ending what started at the start of his first pro season in

Five-year winning streak ; that honor now belongs to Lee, the Twins’ No. 1 pick in last year’s draft, a senior college bat who can move quickly through the system. Keep an eye on Rodriguez; he’s had a full, healthy season in and can shoot him over the top 93 is huge.


50. Jackson Job, RHP (ETA: 2025)
69. Jace Jung, 2B (Estimated time of arrival: 2025)
84. Wilmer Flores, RHP (ERA: 2021)

Losses of Riley Green and Spencer Tokelson leave Detroit without top 33 Foreground entry 2021, but that’s not to say it can’t have one soon. With a promising fastball and exceptional slider, Jobe has the pitch to be a top rotation player, just needs more time to hone him into an arsenal his age – season. Jung, a first-rounder last July, has the hitting and power tools to be a fast-moving second baseman of the future, and Flores is the closest of the bunch to the big leagues with his fastball, arc Both ball and control have improved, all of which were on display at Double-A Erie last summer.


48 . Gavin Cross, OF (expected Time of arrival:2025)

Kansas City graduated last year with Bobby Witt Jr., MJ Melendez, Vinnie Pasquantino and Nick Pratto, among many others, who left 2013 First round of Cross as the only top 95 Players stay in the farm system. The Virginia Tech product has several above-average skills — many of which he demonstrated at Columbia University’s Single-A, where he earned a 1. OPS at Be a solid outfield performer at center or right 23; Youth Movement.

Union West

Spaceman (1)

25. Hunter Brown, RHP (ETA: 2023)

The Astros have a total of three top 91 Looking ahead to our final four preseason rosters, but they We’ve had a standout rookie win two pennants and a World Series in each of the past three years. Brown draws Justin Verlander comps at release 0. 63 Houston’s ERA in September and playoffs.

Angel (2)

40. Logan O’Hoppe, C (ETA: 2021)

74. Zach Neto, SS (ETA: 2023)

Angel the system is slowly improving and is benefiting – at least on Top 90 on behalf of – from 2019 trade and 2018 draft. They got O’Hoppe’s predecessor, Top, in a trade with the Phillies 94 Prospect Brandon Marsh and he was able to make his major league debut late last year. He has a chance to be a very good major league regular with solid all-around skills. Neto was the club’s first-round pick last year, signed to a low contract, but played in his pro debut like he belonged in the top half of the first round. After scoring double-A last summer, he will be able to go to Los Angeles sooner or later.

A (2)

019. Tyler Soderstrom, 1B/C (ETA: 2023)

64. Ken Waldichuk, LHP (ETA: 2023)

Soderstrom tops the A’s for the second year in a row, as he broke into the upper tier of the system last year while splitting time between first and back. This is also the second year in a row that they have had two players top the list 95 Thank you Waldichuk, they Got Frankie Montas from the Yankees at last year’s trade deadline. Both are likely to graduate this year.

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