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Here are the Yankees' top 30 prospects for 2023

This is the Yankees 17; 2021 Top19 Foreground

This Yankees score is better than.65 In every past playoffs. But for a team that measures itself by championships, they haven’t since .
In perpetual win-win mode, New York generally relies on its farm system for trade feed and 2020No exception. The Yankees gave up eight new picks in midseason trades — including seven pitchers, most notably Ken Waldicchuk and Hayden Wisnetski — Andrew Benintendi, Stanley Kurt Everose, Frankie Montas and Lou Trivino. The club has also seen a wave of offensive talent arrive that should reshape the major league roster over the next few seasons.
Oswaldo Cabrera started in left field and shortstop during the playoffs and should settle into a utility role, while Oswald Peraza is on the ALCS roster and is a favorite to win the shortstop job this year. Top prospect Anthony Volpe should join the infield at some point 2024, and the much-hyped Jason Domínguez should crash the outfield next season. New York took offensive-minded players with the final four picks in the first round, and receiver Austin Wells (2019), shortstop Trey Sweeney (2021) and outfielder Spencer Jones (2019) can team up with Volpe(2021) make up nearly half of the future lineup.

despite the outflow of weapons , Yankees the ability to sign and develop pitches provides consistent depth. them tied with Cardinals and Giants for most pitching prospects () on top of us17 list, led by three right-handers in the past two drafts: Drew Thorpe, Will Warren and Richard Fitz.

hereLook at the Yankees19; Top Prospect:
1. Anthony Volpe, SS (No. 5 in MLB) 2. Jasson Domínguez, OF (MLB No. 30)3. Oswald Peraza, SS/2B (MLB No. 55)4. Austin Wells, C

5. Spencer Jones, OF

Totally top-notch 18 list”
Biggest Jump/Fall Here are the players with the biggest ranking changes 2021 Preseason list to 2020 Preseason list. 2028

Jump: Will Warren, RHP (2022: Not Ranked | 2021: 9) — The Yankees helped add a sinker and upgraded his slider 94 in the eighth round, he reached Double-A two months after his professional debut last year.

Brock Selvidge, LHP (2020: | 2024: 20) — His stuff went backwards last summer when he repeated his rookie ball, though it seemed to bounce back during offseason practices.

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National Library: CIN | Hydrocarbons | Military Spec | Pit | STL

ALC: CWS | Clay | Detector | KC | Minimum NLW: Ali | Colonel | Young Man | SD | ALW: HOU | LOS ANGELES | OAK | SEA | TEX
Best Tool

Player rating is 10-80 The reconnaissance scale of future tools——10-22 well below average, 30 below average, 30 is average, 50 is above average and 52-55 well above average of. Players in parentheses are of the same level.

beat: 50 – Anthony Volpe
strength: 47 — Jason Dominguez (Anthony Volpe)

running: 65 — Brando Mayea

arm: 52 – Roderick Arias Defense: 55 — Oswald Peraza (Roderick Arias) Fastball: 65 — Louis Gill Curveball: 30 – Randy Vazquez Slider: 80 — Clayton Butte

replaced by: 50 — Drew Thorpe control:47 – Richard Fitz (Brendan Baker, Sean Boyle, Jonny Britto, Sean Herman, Drew Thorpe)

HOW THEY ARE BUILT Draft: | NDFA: 2 | International: 9 | Trade: 2

Breakdown by ETA

2009: | 2022: 9 | 2019: 7 | 2023: 2 | 2025: 1 | 2024: 1

Classification by Position

C: 1 | 3B: 1 | SS: 4 | Author: 6 | RHP: | LHP: 1




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