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Here's how the Paper Girl cast compares to the manga

Amazon Prime Video knows how to make a good adaptation. Check out The Boys, which was originally released as a comic series and is now one of Prime Video’s biggest shows to date . Or, Invincible, which also begins with a manga, proving to everyone that Prime Video’s expertise is not limited to live-action shows, but also animated shows. So adapting the wildly popular Paper Girls into a live-action series makes sense for the streaming service.

Written by Brian K. Vaughan and illustrated by Cliff Chiang, Paper Girls runs from 2015 to 2019. Over the course of 30 issues, four 12-year-old newspaper delivery girls – Mac, KJ, Tiffany and Erin – accidentally travel into the future and become involved in a complicated war of time . The sci-fi series deals with friendship, growth, and reckoning with the past, present, and future.

However, part of the challenge of adaptation is not just transferring the story from one medium to another, but making sure the show has the same The medium tone and style of the original story is the same, such as how The Umbrella Academy retains many of the comic’s plot points and antics while making concessions where necessary (in the TV show, the panel There are no notable battles in the comics related to the Eiffel Tower, which the show’s creators say is an adaptive feat “that will cost the entire show budget.” Paper Girls will of course have to Makes some of the same kind of sci-fi concessions, but we’ll have to see if this show can satisfy both comic book fans and newcomers with material.

ThenPaper Girls How do the characters from the TV show compare to the Paper Girls comics? Here’s a comparison of the actresses and comic book characters , plus theirs Any significant differences between the show app ears and their comic book photos.


Erin Tean – Riley Lai Nelet

New kid, Erin is the latest on Stony Stream Member Paperline. She has a younger sister named Missy who is often nervous and likes to play by the rules. On the show, Riley Linelette plays Erin similar to her in the comics, crazy and scared, but still Firm.


Fina Strazza – KJ Brandman

In the comics, KJ is considered the brain of the group. She is also a hockey player, especially carrying a hockey stick with her wherever she goes. In the show, KJ and her The comic counterparts are similar. But rather than being the brains of the group, her Jewish background and upper-middle-class lifestyle are emphasized (mainly her conflict with Mike).


Tiffany Quilkin – Camryn Jones

Tiffany is a Real gamers love walkie-talkies too. On the show, her gaming hobby is much more low-key. Instead, Tiffany is the genius of the group, studying as much of the time-travel conflict that the girls find themselves in as much as she can.


McCoyle – Sofia Rosinsky

The first girl to walk on the Stony Brook Paper Road, Mike is a tomboy smoking a cigarette and looking up at her big brother Dylan. Just like in the comics, the TV show version of Mike is cynical, outspoken, and speaks his mind even when it hurts other people’s feelings. She is often at odds with KJ, whom she sees as a pretentious rich girl.

Just like in the comics, Erin and a gang travel back in time to 2016 (2019 on the show) and found Erin’s future self, played by Ali Wong. In the comics, she’s unmarried, still lives in Stony Brook, and even works for the Cleveland Observer, the newspaper Erin gave as a child. On the show, however, adult Erin works as a paralegal at the local courthouse, is unmarried, and is about to sell her childhood home.


Adult Tiffany – Sekai Abenì

Sekai Abenì plays adult Tiffany, and when the girls land, they are truly relieved of another unexpected period – the 90s. While the graduate student Tiffany is still incredibly bright, she also has a funny side that makes up for lost time as a child when she seems to be chasing her mother’s dreams — not her own. Sekai Abenì does a great job of keeping the character motivated, while still injecting a little bit of a desire for more.


Prioress – Adina Porter

Commander in Old-Timers (known in the show as Old Watch), Prioress is a ruthless hunter determined to find Erin and the other girls to kill them and advance The overall mission of Old-Timers: to keep time travel out of anyone’s hands.


Grandpa – Jason Matsoukas

Never in history has a show or movie added Jason Mantzoukas to its cast and made it worse. It’s a scientific fact, and Paper Girls is no exception. Here, we get to see the bearded legend take on a role we’ve never seen before: the villain. That’s only natural considering he usually plays unhinged lunatics – albeit with a comedic twist. Mantzoukas plays Grand Father, the old Overwatch and the Paper Girls big bad, and we’re eager to see more of him if the show returns for season 2.


Larry Radakowski – Nate Corddry

The show’s original, Larry’s first introduction to the ongoing time travel war as the girls. Grumpy but likable, Larry was met by the gang as he mourned the loss of three of his comrades.

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