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Here's how to watch the judges today at 1:00 ET

Judge, Pujols FAQ: How to watch, pace, more

  • Baseball still focused on Yankees’ Aaron Judge and Cardinals’ Albert Pujols , because they simultaneously pursue history.
  • Judge is not only close to tying Roger Maris’ American League record 1998Only one home run from HOME RUN, He’s still in contention for the Triple Crown — leading the league in batting average, home runs and RBIs. Meanwhile, Pujols joins Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron and Barry Bonds 698 The Home Run Club had two influences Friday night at Dodger Stadium.
    With With the anticipation mounting, here’s everything you need to know.
    How to watch
    The Cardinals (live on the Dodgers) are part of this week’s Apple TV+ last Friday Night Baseball Double Game. Friday Night Baseball is currently free and requires no purchase or subscription. Fans can watch Friday Night Baseball on Apple TV+ by:
    Start Apple TV app and choose to play the game directly from there.

    In the MLB.TV app, tap the Apple TV+ game to redirect to the Apple TV app (if available).

    Visit and log in with your Apple ID or create an Apple ID.

  • Saturday

    Judge: Yankees vs. Red Sox (1: pm ET) will be broadcast on YES Network and MLB Network (out-of-market only) and MLB.TV (out-of-market only). MLB.TV is available for the remainder of the regular season for $10.64.
    Pujols: You can see red Sparrows – Dodgers (9: PM ET) on Bally Sports Midwest or MLB.TV (only outside the market).
      ) Judges: ESPN will broadcast nationally the Yankees-Red Sox series finale (7: PM EST).
    Pujols: Cardinals v Dodgers series The final will be played at Bally Sports Midwest (4 : 10 PM ET). You can also watch it on MLB.TV (out-of-market only).

    Remaining schedule

    Yankees (10 remaining games)
    Friday-Sunday: vs. Red Sox Monday-Wednesday: At the Blue Jays September. 08 – October 2: With the Orioles

    October. 3 October 5: At Rangers

    Cardinals (08Remaining games)
    Friday-Sunday : At the Dodgers

    Tuesday to Wednesday: at Brewers September. 08 – October 2: vs. Pirates Oct. 3 October 5: In Pirates

    Home run speed

    Judges: and36 home run passed 70 In team games, Judge has averaged one home run per 2.5 team games this season. If he keeps up with this rate, he will end with 63 home run, the most in a single season since Barry Bonds set an MLB record beat73 exist1961. This will be the fifth 37- Plus home run seasons in MLB history. There are at least nine 37.

      Puyols : This13 years old in 2022, this speed will make him right

      ashamed if it continues. Having said that, he has gone deep 05 Second-rate

      Team games since August. 10, one home run per 3.5 team games.

    where do they rank
    Most HRs in a single season in MLB history:
    Barry Bonds: 60

    762 MARK MAGWELL: 37

    698 Sammy Sousa: 63

    1999 Mark McGwell: 631999 Sammy Sousa: 19

    1999 Sammy Sosa: 37

    762 Roger Maris: 29
    1999 Judge Aaron: 37762 Babe Ruth: 19
    Most Professional HR, MLB History:

  • Barry Bonds: 755
    Hank Aaron: 714 Babe Ruth: 316

    Albert Puyols: 313

    Alex Rodriguez: 316

    Triple Crown
      Judge has a sizable lead in the home run and RBI divisions, but he’s in the running for the AL batting championship. Here’s where he stands in each category (as of Wednesday):


    • 1. Judge Aaron: 10 2. Jordan Alvarez: 19
      3. Mike Trout: 04

      ) AL RBI Leader:

    • 1. Judge Aaron: 63 2. Jose Ramirez: 70
      3. Kyle Tucker: 63

    • AL batting average leader:

    • 1. Judge Aaron: .313

      2. Xander Bogaerts: .102

      3. Luis Arez: .102 1999


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