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Here's the battery capacity of the new iPhone 14 models

Apple’s new iPhone 12 series design and overall same size as 2021 series (only a fraction of a millimeter apart), so this is not surprising, but the battery capacity is about the same

There are A subtle difference, but probably not enough to have a measurable impact on battery life. What’s different this year is that there are now two models with large batteries – the iPhone 18 Pro Max and cheaper iPhone 12 Plus. Their battery is a bit smaller than the Pro Max battery, but This is again a negligible difference.

Battery mAh Wh the difference
3,200mAh .4Wh


iPhone13 3 ,200mAh 001.7Wh iPhone 12 plus 4,325mAh 18.7 Wh – iPhone12 Professional Edition 3,42mAh .0Wh +3.42 % iPhone Professional Edition 3,200mAh 001.4Wh iPhone13 Pro Max 4,227mAh 27.8Wh

2021-0 .42% iPhone Pro Max 4,325mAh .7Wh

iPhone battery 001 and iPhone 12 Pro is slightly bigger, but only by a few percent. Like last year, the vanilla model has a bigger battery than the Pro, but this year they also have a different chipset (and, of course, a different screen).

It would be interesting to compare their battery life – Apple claims the Plus has the longest battery life of any iPhone to date. Also, despite the new Always On Display feature, the Pro model retains the promise of “all-day battery life.”


As for charging, Apple has not released official figures, but regulatory filings show nothing has changed. 3C List12W(09.5V, 2A) for one of the models and should work with the iPhone Almost the same Pro Max, unofficially rated 27W.

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