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Here's Victoria Beckham's Pro Tip for Beautiful Brows

From her pop star days with the Spice Girls to building her own successful brand, Victoria Beckham has a lifetime of experience working with beauty and wellness experts. Whether it’s her tips for brighter eyes (hint: wear nude eyeliner on your waterline) or the experts she visits to stay fit and energized, it’s worth hearing what Victoria has to say about the beautification routine.

So, what’s her secret to thick, beautiful brows? “A makeup artist once told me that your brows should look like sisters, not twins, and I take that into account when I style myself,” she told Vogue. “I personally like thick texture and natural brow shape – I aim for brows that don’t look perfect or forced but have natural symmetry.”

Helpful, VB just launched her BabyBlade Microfine Brow Pencil, which she created to end her own personal search for a brow pencil that does it all. It’s super easy to use and lives up to its name, with an ultra-fine tip that easily mimics the look of hair in the brow area.

“It has the perfect amount of pigment payoff and long-lasting wear, but in one component, which means you can achieve precise application and paint the best individual hairs to fill in Your eyebrows,” Beckham said. “A very natural looking finish is our goal.”

As a beauty editor who has tried countless brow pencils over the years, I can definitely say this is one of my best brow pencils Once you’ve tried it, it’s perfect for those with thinning brows, or anyone who wants to quickly create a fuller look while still keeping it natural. It comes in six different shades ranging from light blonde to dark brown, suitable for all hair colors and blends easily.

Remember what VB said: sisters, not twins.



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