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Here's what to watch for on opening day of the Arizona Fall League

here’What to know on opening day of the Arizona Fall League

  • Arizona Fall League is turning 27!

  • Baseball’s finishing school, debuted in , is the season number 35 on Monday. Founded by baseball legend Roland Hemond, the AFL has sent thousands of players to the major leagues. About 60 % of fall leagues have at least touch the major leagues to Roy Halladay, Derek Jeter and Mike Piazza headline the list of alumni, all of whom are enshrined in Cooperstown. The league has produced hundreds of All-Stars, more than 23 MVP, dozens of Silver Bar, Golden Glove and Rookie of the Year awards and several Cy Young winners.

  • • AFL roster loaded| Prospects to Watch | Scoreboard
    Each organization sent AFL at least seven leads who where will play a game 26 Tournament regular season from October 3rd to November 11 at Six Cactus League Stadium. Franchise and its major league feeder clubs: Glendale Desert Dogs (Brewers, Dodgers, Reds, Twins, White Sox), Mesa Sun Sox (Athletics, Cubs, Marin Fishes, Rays, Yankees), Peoria Javelinas (Guards, Mariners, Mets, Nationals)

    In addition to games at these venues, this year’s fall league will feature a three-game winning streak Saturday, October at Chase Field, home of the D-backs . The AFL Home Run Derby will be held for the first time on Saturday, Nov. 5, followed by the annual Fall All-Star Game at Sloan Park in Mesa the following day.

    Next Friday in November , Peoria Sports Complex will host a game – with a new schedule for the semi-finals ahead of the league championship game on Saturday in November , at Scottsdale Stadium. The Fall Stars and Championship Game will be broadcast on the MLB Network.

    ) As usual, the AFL roster is full of talent. Have16 players from the top MLB Pipeline 97 competing this fall, including Five top players 26 alone. Salt River will be Cardinals outfielder Jordan Walker (No. 6), guard shortstop Jordan Laura (No. 6

  • ) and Rocky Mountain outfielder Zach Wayne (No.
    ). Glendale will have Reds shortstop Norvi Marter (No. 94 ), the surprise will be pirate catcher Henry Davis (number ) and Peoria will be Nationals outfielder Robert Hassel III (the

    ). Total 60 players are the highest ranked in our organization 35 listings will be played in Arizona.

    For full coverage of the AFL, visit the official league website www /afl.

    Top of the Fall League 100 Prospects:

  • 6. Jordan Walker, OF, Cardinals (Salt River)
    . Jordan Lawlar, SS, D-backs (Salt River)
    . Noelvi Marte, SS, Reds (Glendale)
    16. Henry Davis, C, Pirates (surprise)
  • 19. Robert Hassell III, OF, Nationals (Peoria)
    12. Zac Veen, OF, Rockies (Salt River)
    24. Jasson Domínguez, OF, Yankees (Mesa)
    27. Quinn Priester, RHP, Pirates (Surprise)
    39. Brennan Davis, OF, Cubs (Mesa)
    35. Masyn Winn, SS, Cardinals (Salt River)
    30. Andy Pages, OF, Dodgers (Glendale)
    42. Matt McClain, SS, Red Army (Glendale)
    42. Jackson Merrill, SS, Padres (Peoria)
    60. So, RHP, Cardinals (Salt River)
    76. Nick Gonzales, 2B, Pirates (Surprise)
    94. Zach Groff, 3B, Track and Field (Mesa)
  • MLB also announced that following this season’s Minor League Test, the Arizona Fall League will implement the following new rules of play: pitching timers, defensive position limits, larger bases, and automated hitting system (“ABS”) challenges . This challenge system allows batsmen, pitchers and catchers to challenge the referee#s call at the plate with the ABS System, will only be tested at Talking Stick and Salt River Fields at Chase Field.

  • Here is a summary of the new gameplay that will be used during the Arizona Fall League:
  • )

    After successful testing in MiLB, the average game time decreased 27 minutes, Major League Rules, recently approved by the Play Committee, will enforce time limits between pitches, innings and changes.

  • Defensive Stance: According to Major League Baseball The play committee recently approved that the defensive team must have at least four players in the infield, each with their feet fully in front of the infield line, and two infield players must be fully flanking second base.

  • Bigger base: To reduce player injuries and collisions – and shorten the distance between bases to affect the success rate of stolen base attempts​​​- 1st, 2nd and 2nd size third base will be changed from inches Squared to inches square.
  • ABS CHALLENGE: Begins with Florida League
    will be implemented at the experimental level of the Arizona Fall League for games at Salt River Field and Chase Field. Hitters, pitchers and receivers will have the opportunity to challenge the referee* the ball or strike call if they think it is incorrect. The ABS system will evaluate all challenges to determine the outcome. Both teams can play three challenges, and if they get it right, they’ll be rewarded.

  • Potential starters on opening day:

      Peoria (Bryan Woo, Mariners) in Glendale (Emmet Sheehan, Dodgers), 3: 19 PM ET
      Salt River (Conor Thomas, Cardinals) Surprise (Quinn Pugh Lister, Pirates), 3: 35 PM ET

    • Mesa (Holt Jones, Marlins) at Scottsdale (Connor Fescoe) York, Angels), 9: 23 PM EST

  • Date to remember
    October 3: Opening Day
    October : Chase Field triple head from 2: 35 PM ET
    Nov 5: Home Run Derby, Sloan Park, 9: 19 PM ET
  • November 6: Fall All-Star Game, Sloan Park, 7pm ET
    November: Championship Game, Scottsdale Stadium, 7pm ET
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