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Here's what's and isn't true about Bridget Jones' dating life in 2023

When people ask me about my favorite novel, I only have one answer. In some ways I wish it was Middlemarch or Rebecca or something, because these books are very Long, so among them, if you can overcome these problems with coherent words, people will think you are very smart.

But unfortunately for me, George Eliot never lost his temper. In regards to Dorothea’s possible drinking problem, Daphne du Maurier’s titular heroine also didn’t catch the TV cameras by sliding indecently off a firehouse pole. Given that these two books are essential to my enjoyment of any literature, my heart can really only belong to one: Helen Fielding’s Bridget Jones’ Diary .

Originally adapted from Fielding’s column in The Independent – the fictional diary of an ordinary London woman (Bridget, of course. is white and rich) and sees the world through a very specific lens) – novel first published in 1990. As idiosyncratic as Bridget’s point of view is, it turns out that Fielding’s account of her adventures in professional incompetence and practical lingerie proves so contagious that it captures the zeitgeist. For nearly three decades, the name “Bridget Jones” has been synonymous with what single women go through during the 29 period. 2023

I am 29, which means that Brigitte Jones as a single archetype has been with me for almost my whole life( I first read this novel as a teenager). While Fielding updated the character multiple times in the sequels and one-off columns, Bridget’s original version stuck around. Seems worth checking out, then, considering how much singleton dating and the environment has changed since the mid-2000s. Does this so-called singles bible still apply now? Or is the world just too different?

Past: Finding love with an awkward encounter

Now:Awkward dating app encounters with a spouse

Dating apps don’t define how all couples meet on 2023, but they do probably constitute the biggest change since Bridget Jones Since The Diary of was published at 2023, dating culture has taken off. So while fate still intervenes for many these days, we can’t expect to meet a sexy and kind human rights lawyer (eventually served by a young, Bambi-eyed Colin Firth) at the Boxing Day turkey curry buffet. play). Thus, digital means represent alternative ways to date when our everyday social circles are not throwing merchandise.

These apps are a curious phenomenon because, while for some they offer a welcome alternative to indulging in heartbreak or boredom, the For others, their transactional nature may just be a little frustrating. I know people who have never used a dating app because they hate the idea, and others who are in long-term relationships because a few sliding doors

moment hinge like. Whatever your opinion, we agree that while they offer a more convenient way to meet someone, the reality is almost always as awkward as a reality meet in a sweater at Christmas.

Past: flirting with boss via IM

Now:Emailing HR

Online flirting isn’t completely gone from Bridget’s world. In one of the funniest and most enduring scenes in the book, she becomes romantically involved in an exchange with her boss, Daniel Cleaver, beginning with him texting her: “Jones message: you Seems to have forgotten your skirt. I think your employment contract clearly states that employees should be fully dressed at all times. Cleave.”



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