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Here's when new 'House of the Dragon' episodes premiere on HBO and HBO Max

preview for House of the Dragon – official trailer (HBO/Sky)

Three years later Game of Thrones Season 8 ended with a disappointing ending to most of us and left Westeros’ future in flux, Dragon House is ready to take its place in our collective TV viewing program. The show is an ambitious prequel that mainly hopes to bring back fans of HBO’s biggest series, and possibly even new audiences unfamiliar with its epic IP.

Starring Matt Smith, Millie Alcock, Amy Darcy and many, many others, House of Dragons followed by House Targaryen (for those who don’t know, it’s Westeros famous for dragons ruling family). Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones ,

Dragon House Before Game of Thrones

already far enough The stakes are still high that newcomers to the show can meet a whole new cast of characters without worrying about them missing callbacks or other references to the original show.

Dragon House faces An uphill battle to see if audiences are still interested in an adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s vast fantasy world, or if an eight-season global phenomenon is enough. HBO is pulling out all the stops, though, and Variety reports that premium cable channels are somewhere The budget was gutted by about $20 million per episode (by comparison, Game of Thrones The first season cost about $6 million per episode). As the first Game of Thrones prequel, ifpreview for House of the Dragon – official trailer (HBO/Sky) Dragon House bomb, which could mean the early death of other spin-offs in development. There’s a lot going on here.

If you’re ready to go back to Westeros, we’ve set an official release date for

House of the Dragon below, and the date and time each episode premiered on HBO. Here is the release schedule for Dragon House .

What time is it Dragon House Season 1 out?

Dragon House episodes will air on HBO at 9pm ET. This means anyone at PT will receive these episodes at 6 PM PT.

When is the next episode of Dragon House

coming out?

Dragon House Episode 3 airs Sunday, ET on HBO September 4th at 9pm . Episodes will also be available on HBO Max at the same time.

Dragon House How many episodes are left in season 1?

The second episode just aired, and there are only eight episodes left. Dragon House

The first season has ten episodes, which are broadcast every week. This is Dragon House

The full release schedule for Season 1? : Episode 1: August 21

Episode 2: August 28

Episode 3: September 4

Episode 4: September 11

Episode 5: September 18

Episode 6: September 25

Episode 7: October 2

Episode 8: October 9

Episode 9: October 16

Episode 10: October 23

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