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Here's Your First Look at Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix in the Upcoming Sequel to the Musical 'Joker'

For the sequel, Phillips will return to direct and co-write the script with Scott Silver, with whom he previously worked clown. The Hollywood Reporter source adds that it will be a musical and Gaga will play Harley Quinn, the clown who wields a baseball bat. Partners in Crime, starring Margot Robbie in The Expendables

opposite Jared Leto’s menacing clown. A release date has also been announced: October 14. February 14, 14, the first still follows, showing Gaga and Phoenix staring into each other’s eyes .

Is the blood on their faces blood or paint? The titleJoker: Folie à Deux is a nod to the titular antihero’s condition that he shares with Harley Quinn, or his troubled mother Penny On the condition that Francis plays Conroy the clown ? Will other DC superheroes appear in the new movie, or will the story be grounded in reality like the previous one? These are just some of the unanswered questions, but in any case, with Gaga involved, the costumes will dazzle as much as the music.





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