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Hertha not giving up on 'F1 dream' despite possible refusal of super licence

Colton and his father, Bryan, looking after their son’s interests and running his IndyCar strategy at the Andretti Autosport pits, are awaiting the FIA’s decision on the Super Clearance application.

Herta Jr scored 32 out of 40 in the FIA ​​system, which means he is not automatically recognised. The FIA ​​has been asked to see if there are reasons to grant him a special exemption.

But sources told that the FIA ​​will reject any reason to invoke force majeure, Herta now looks unlikely to switch to the AlphaTauri in 2023.

In an interview with, Bryan Herta said there is no confirmation yet, but they will accept whatever the final decision is.

“Everyone seems to know before us, it seems!” he said. “But I don’t even know if it’s going to be ‘official’. I know we haven’t heard anything.

” It’s kind of sad that it ends up looking like a personalised thing because Colton Definitely don’t want to be a “special case”. I think one can argue about the success of IndyCar, but on the other hand, I totally understand the FIA’s desire to protect the European ladder system.

“I think whatever they say, whatever they decide to be, that’s it. There’s no need to argue about it one way or another.”

Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport w/ Curb-Agajanian Honda

Colton Herta, Andretti Autosport w/ Curb-Agajanian Honda

Photo by Jake Galstad / Motorsport Images

Herta believes Colton’s failure to get a super licence in 2023 will not be a fatal blow to his long-term F1 ambitions.

“I don’t think he thinks his F1 dreams are over no matter what the FIA ​​decides now,” added Hertha Sr. “It’s a great opportunity for him as he’s testing with the McLaren F1 team, but he also recognises that what he has in Andretti Autosport [IndyCar] is also an incredible Chances.

” It’s important to remember he’ll be fine, no matter what. He does not seek sympathy. “

Herta would not confirm whether other routes to additional Super Clearance points may be pursued, such as the Toyota Racing Series in New Zealand or the F1 Free Practice. The IndyCar season begins Sunday in California After the Laguna Seca in Laguna State.

When there was a possibility that Colton could compete with McLaren in FP1 at the Circuit of the Americas next month, Hertha replied: “That is Question for Zach [Brown, McLaren CEO]. As far as I can tell, this was not decided somehow.

“Colton has an IndyCar contract with Andretti Motorsport and he has a Formula 1 testing contract with McLaren. They are valid as long as certain conditions are met By the end of 2023.”

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  • Michael Andretti in Indy Lights (six wins) and IndyCar (seven wins) Operates Colton Herta. When asked by if he was surprised that Herta was not able to get a force majeure waiver to race the AlphaTauri F1 team in 2023, Andretti replied: “My only comment on this is that there are too many hurdles to overcome. It will happen. .

    “The super-license issue is just one of those hurdles. There are many, trust me. “

    On whether he believes Hertha is good enough to be successful in F1, Andretti replied: “Oh yes, I have no doubts about that.”



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