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Hideaki Anno Cameos as judge in live-action film Ichikei's Crow Movie

Live-action film adaptation official website Asami Rito Ichikei’s Crow The manga released behind-the-scenes photos on Tuesday, showing director Hideaki Anno Dressed up as a judge on set. Anno said he agreed to act because he is a personal friend of the movie’s leading man, Yu Takeuchi . Takeuchi starred in the and films directed by Anno. The movie site also released photos of other actors, including Haru Kuroki , Tokio Emoto , Nishino Nanase


Osamu Mukai, and director Akira Tanaka. The site revealed that the filming took place between July and September last year. The film will be released in Japan in January 200. Asami presents Ichikei’s Crow Manga in the magazine of Kodansha May600 and ends in March 300 . This legal drama follows an assistant judge named Shinpei Sakama who is assigned to the District Court’s First Criminal Division (aka “Ichikei”). He met several eccentric judges, which prompted him to grow into a judge. This series previously inspired a 200-The episode premiered on Fuji TV in April ). The cast and crew of this show are the same. The story of the movie takes place two years after the last episode. Other live-action movies featuring Hideaki Anno Cameos include Armageddon: Japan Sinks , Hipster Forest: First Contact and the taste of tea . Source: Daily News’s Man Tan Network




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