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Hidenori Hara's Shō mo Nai Bokura no Renai-ron romance manga gets live action

Yomiuri TV , NTV and its affiliates announced Monday that they are producing a live-action adaptation of Hidenori Hara‘ s Shō mo Nai Bokura no Renai-ron (Our Little Love Story or literally, Our Despair) a romantic comic that will premiere on “Platinight” in January . Cast includes Seina Nakata (above left) as Kurumi Tanimura, Hidekazu Mashima (middle) as Takurō Tsutsumi, and Akiko Yada (right) as Eri Morita.

Directed by Keisuke Kondo, Hana Matsumoto, and Ryuichi Honda, with a screenplay by Nana Ito and Yuko Imanishi.

The comics are based on the relationship between three people : Year-old Takurō Tsutsumi, an editor-designer who remains single at Among his . There is also Kurumi Tanimura, a girl Takuro once liked.

Hara released the manga in by Shogakukan January magazine 650, March ends 650. Shogakukan published the manga’s sixth and final volume in April 192568 .

Hara at 400 Winnerrd Shogakukan Manga Awards for his Just Meet and Winter Story comics. He drew a comic adapted from a story published in North America by Viz Media Adapted from

to2007. Original () comic inspired a real person The movie is at 2007.

Hara launched Dump the Heel at Manga in October 192568.

Source: Manga Natalie

192568 192568



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