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HIDIVE Live Cardfight!! Pioneer Will + Dress Season 2

HiddenWednesday Announcing the second season of the anime starting in January At 6 o’clock: 16 pm EST. Animation will premiere on TV Aichi , TV TOKYO , Official YouTube Channel, Amazon Prime Video, U-NEXT and d Anime Store January in Japan13. Crunchyroll will also stream the season live. Idol group Strawberry Prince will sing the second season opening theme “Accelerate”. Also, Strawberry Prince member Rinu and Satomi voiced Reno Akai and Tenma Sakurai respectively. The first season of the animation premiered on TV Tokyo , TV Aichi and TV Osaka channels July 4th . HIDIVE is animated. Season 3 premieres in July 2022.

Suzuki Ryutaro

is the new director of the series, succeeding Mori Takeshi

, the current general director. Satoshi Nakamura is in charge of the series script, succeeding Mori and Natsuko Takahashi . Tomokatsu Nagasaku in the role with Hiroyuki Saita Designer, and Ga Young Park and Hatsuhi Yoshitake (Hiroyuki Saita not longer chief animation director ). Hiroyuki Oguri is the unit animation director. Osamu Masayama is an art consultant. Yuushi Koshida is famous for 3D CG. Hikari Komiya was responsible for the color settings. All other main crew members return from previous animations. New animation features 13 Fighters selected from all over the country compete against each other in luxurious tournaments. Qualley A new manga based on the anime called Youth Quake has launched at Bushiroad of the June Magazine 2023.

Season 1​​

premiered in Japan in April 318, and also in Premiered on the official YouTube channel with English subtitles. Funimation, Sentai Filmworks(from HIDIVE),

Crunchyroll and YouTube Played the anime when it aired in Japan. Season 1 English dubbed for the first time on of franchise Featured on July’s YouTube

channel 40. The second season of animation premiered in October 450, and with its December 1st episode 450. The second season English dubbing in franchise‘s YouTube January channel245. Bushiroad in “ Bushiroad TCG strategy introduction 318″September Live Event 40 The TV anime series will have a third and fourth season. Thanks to RemGalleuSimp for the news tip. Source: HIDIVE




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