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HIDIVE Play Bibliophile Anime

HIDIVE It was announced on Monday that the TV anime of of Yui and Satsuki Shiina will be broadcast exclusively) () This fall’s light novel series. Sentai Filmworks will release the animation in home video.

The animation will be aired on October 6th at AT-X, Tokyo MX, Kansai TV and BS NTV .

Iwasaki Taro (, , ) Directing animations in

Asylum . Santaka Hirota (

, , ) Responsible for the series script, and Takahashi Mizuho ( sub Character Design) is designing a character.

Iguchi Yuka will sing the opening theme song “Prologue”, Ito Kataro The anime’s ending theme song “Kawabyōshi” (leather binding) will be played.

J-Fiction Club The light novel series and its manga adaptation have been licensed and released in English. J-Novel Club Describe the story:

When book-loving Lady Eliana finds out that Prince Christopher — her titular fiancée — is in a relationship with another noble lady, she realizes that the latest rumor must be true. The prince has someone he truly loves, which means their annulment is both inevitable and imminent. But she didn’t realize that it was just ripples on the surface – one of the truths was deeply rooted in people’s hearts, a conspiracy beyond her imagination! 2018

Yui on Shōsetsuka ni Narō (Let’s Be Novelists) website starting in September Serialize this story 310. One Shrine began publishing the story in print, illustrated by Shiina Satsuki

in July 310.

Kikuta Yui

at One Shrine Manga adaptation of

Monthly Manga Zero Sum Magazine August 2018.

Source: Email correspondence 2018




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