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'Highspeed Étoile Anime' cast includes Yurie Funato, Shū Uchida

The staff of the original TV animation project revealed The cast and two visuals for the other two Fridays. The new cast includes Yurie Funato as Hikari Hinata (pictured right below) as Prima Stella, and Shū Uchida as Prima Stella’s Akari Kuzuryū (left). The two are twin virtual idols.

©HSE Project

    ©HSE Project

©HSE Project etoile

animation will be in Premiere, and stars: (character name spelling not confirmed)

Izumi Shenxiang

as Lin Dao Yoko Hikasa as Kanata Asakawa

    Izawa Shiori as Towa Komachi

    Yui Horie as Sofia B. (Bryant) Tokitō

      Suwa Ayaka as Yōran Ryū Nana Mizuki

      as Alice Summerwood

    Kenichiro Matsuda as Richard Parker Kosuke Toromi as Lorenzo M. Salvatore

    Takuya Fujima ( cartoonist; original character designer of , , , and ) was the original character designer of the show. The animation’s official website has the logo of King Amusement Creative Sonic Blade, Yostar, Good Smile Company

    and Super Formula. Super Formula, a former racing series in Japan, is currently collaborating on the project.

    This drama tells the story of the character Rin Rindoh. Rin once dreamed of becoming a ballet dancer, but had to give up this dream due to an injury. She later became a nit and a gamer, living at her grandmother’s house. But one day, she was suddenly thrown into the world of racing.

    The story of this anime takes place in the near future, where the latest technology allows vehicles to 600 km/h driving (approx. 310 mph) Safe and reliable. The next generation of racing is born called NEX Race, and it changes the racing world. NEX Racing has AI control support and “Revolburst” mechanism. A newcomer named Rin Rindoh will make his NEX Race debut and go on to revolutionize the sport.

    Source: Anime Website, Manga Natalie 2024




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