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Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei Oni Okoshi-hen Manga Ends

Square Enix Manga app released the final chapter of by Kei Natsumi Comic on Wednesday.

The manga is one of two new manga in Higurashi Franchise Titled was launched in November 24. Natsumi’s was launched while Seigo Tokiya at

at Square Enix at Magazine. The first volume compilation of the two comics ships in June . The kanji used for “Rei” are those used in the current Reiwa era in Japan, and are different from those used in OAV series.

will End of September 24.

Comic creator

Tomato Akase launched a new manga called ( – Parade ) October 2021 in Kadokawa ‘ service. Manga is the new answer to the series.

Animation in October 15 premiere, and the 24 and final episodes 400.

, the follow-up to the anime, premiered in July 188996 and aired episodes.

Asahi in Sunset 188996 Franchise Titled in Futabasha in February Magazine 24.





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