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Hill House Home and Maisonette Hosted An Afternoon of Holiday Shopping

There’s nothing like a sweet surprise that comes from a festive stocking on Christmas day—especially if its contents include goodies from Hill House Home. On a crisp Thursday afternoon, amid the holiday foot traffic and the shimmering lights that illuminated Midtown Manhattan, a chic group of moms and their mini me’s gathered at Hill House Home Rockefeller Center for a holiday shopping spree hosted by Nell Diamond and Sylvana Durrett.

Guests, including Rachel Blumenthal, Anna Speckhart, Phoebe de Croissett, and Lydia Fenet, were dressed in their best holiday ensembles; sparkling headbands, velvet ribbons, Peter Pan-collared jackets, and tulle Nap dresses. For the special occasion, attendees were treated to an on-the-spot monogram service on anything they chose, from winter accessories to soft sleepwear. Durrett, who is the CEO and co-founder of Maisonette, shared with Vogue that she had monogrammed matching robes for her and her little ones. “My girls love a good robe. They love anything plush, anything cozy.” Many of Hill House Home’s unabashedly sweet and feminine pieces have long been a must-have for many Maisonette mommies, to which Durrett says “is so uniquely Nell. It’s so authentic to her, and she’s done a great job of really connecting to her customers, and I think her kid’s clothes are just so precious.”

Diamond brought a winter wonderland into her Rockefeller Center store, sporting an icy blue feathered skirt with a lace top under an asymmetrical blazer. Although she admits that she might have already ticked off a few things on her holiday wishlist during Black Friday, that didn’t stop the CEO of the millennial-loved lifestyle brand from tossing a few more items on the list. “Anything sparkly is always on my wishlist!” she said. “I love anything that shines. We have a headband that has jewels all over it, and shoes that have jewels all over too, and I want it another color. Anything sparkly, glittery, and extra is always on my list.”



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