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Hillary Clinton discusses 'attractive and curious' Queen Elizabeth II at TIFF

Hillary and Chelsea Clinton in conversation at TIFF Bell Lightbox about their AppleTV+ documentary Gutsy , which sees the former Secretary of State and her daughter with the seminal female artist, Activists talk and lead.

Conversation host Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, immediately brought up Queen Elizabeth II, who she Age at 96 on September 8.

“I did have the privilege of meeting her many times,” Clinton said of the late monarch, describing her as “fascinating and curious,” before adding, “She wants to get to know you She rarely expresses her opinion – it’s not part of her duties as a queen – but will soon ask what you think.”

Trudeau asked Hillary if she would Given the chance, she will ask the Queen what questions. “I would [ask] her, ‘Where did you find continued resilience?'” said the elder Clinton. “All three of us know it’s exhausting when you’re in the public eye.”

Some of the women featured in Gutsy Including Meghan, Thee Stallion, Kim Kardashian, Wanda Sykes and Gloria Steinem, as well as many “unsung heroes” according to the series’ description.

In a wide-ranging conversation, the Clintons addressed topics including the state of American politics, climate change, banned books and motherhood. One topic Clinton was particularly passionate about was how technology affects young people.

“We’re doing massive experiments with technology on our kids,” she said. “I think tech companies fail our kids. I think adults fail our kids.” Clinton added: “I’m always shocked by the giants in Silicon Valley that don’t let their own kids have screen time. These people create Algorithms that captivate our kids’ minds.”

Taking it a little more lightly, Chelsea asked her mom to talk about forest bathing, which in Gutsy was a beginning A practice in Japan that involves harnessing nature for psychological and physical benefits.

“After the disaster of the election the next day 2016, I went for a walk in the woods,” Clinton said of her presidential bid Speak against Donald Trump. After Clinton finished the anecdote, someone in the audience yelled at the stage, “Hillary, we’re still so proud of you!” Clinton replied, “Thanks, me too.”



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