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HIMSSCast: Tracks the current and future state of HIEs

John Kansky, President and CEO, Indiana Health Information Exchange, serves on the board of directors of Civitas Networks for Health and the State and Territory Interoperability Coalition and is a leader in the HIE field. long term leader.

He recently spoke with HIMSSCast about IHIE and the Indiana Patient Care Network. He also talks more broadly about health information exchanges – nouns, not verbs – and offers his views on state and regional exchanges: how they have evolved over the past decade or so , how they are serving providers and their patients during the pandemic, and where they are heading in the future.

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    • What’s new from the Indiana Health Clearinghouse?

    How the Pandemic Tests the Mettles of State and Territorial HIEs.

  • What has changed in the basic mission, vision and value proposition of the state/territory HIE?

  • How the state HIE works with other data exchange structures such as CommonWell and Carequality .

  • where innovation happens and how local grant challenges and federal funding programs can help drive the drive.

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    The critical role HIEs can play in value care

    Civitas Networks for Health

    ONC Provides New Funding for State and Local HIE Innovation

    State and Territory HIE: “Don’t leave us out!”

    How HIE improves national interoperability

    Konsky: Countries must meet the HIE challenge

    Mike Miliard is Executive Editor of Healthcare IT News. Twitter: @MikeMiliardHITN Email: [email protected]

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