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'His Dark Materials' star Daphne keen to play an 'intricate' female character

BBC & HBO Cast and crew hit fantasy drama His Dark Materials

took over on Thursday

Edinburgh TV Festival .

In titled “His Dark Materials – Breakthrough in the New World A Special Session of the Frontier,” stars Daphne Keene and Amir Wilson, actor Simone Kirby, writer Jake Thorne , Director Amit Gupta and production company Bad Wolf executive producer and founder Jane Trant talk about working on adapting the Philip Pullman novel.

They also shared exclusive footage from the third and final installment of the upcoming trilogy, which was well-received by viewers who were asked not to spoil detail.

The show follows orphan Lyra in search of her missing friend and uncovers a kidnapping conspiracy related to an invisible cosmic substance called dust.

Keen, who plays Lyra Belacqua or Lyra Silvertongue, says of her character, “It’s been a lot of fun investigating the intricacies of female characters” because they’re “often seen as unwelcome people like it”. She said she found it interesting to play Lyra, “because we don’t have a character like her.”

Wilson, who plays Will Parry, was asked how his character fits in. That changed at the start of Season 3. “Will has grown up” and “more self-aware than before, more aware of who he is,” he said.

During the panel discussion, Thorne praised the show’s cast. “People say things, but the truth of a scene is in the face,” especially on this show, he said. “The author always belongs to the author, but everyone in the work has authorship. When you go into season three, the authorship is completely in the hands of the actors. They are such beautiful, talented actors.”



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