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'Hitler was a diabolical figure': Biden involved in Kanye controversy


In his first response to a spate of anti-Semitic comments from controversial rapper Kanye West, President Joe Biden called Political leaders provide a platform for anti-Semitism, he argued in a tweet Friday that they should “reject any hidden anti-Semitism.” President Joe Biden calls on political leaders to remain silent amid recent high-profile events … [+] An anti-Semitic tirade primarily produced by rapper Kanye West.

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In a tweet posted on his Presidential Twitter account, Biden said, “I just want to clarify a few things: The massacre happened ” and “Hitler is a demonic figure.”

Biden did not name West, though his tweet came hours after Twitter CEO Elon Musk suspended West’s account for violating the social media platform’s policy on inciting violence, which had previously A rapper posted an anti-Semitic image of a swastika surrounded by stars of David.

West, legally renamed Yeh, also praised Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party, In an interview with controversial far-right commentator Alex Jones, said, “I like Hitler,” before clarifying, “I love Jews, but I also love Nazis.”

Yeh, who has been criticized for making anti-Semitic and racist comments, last again for a farce weekend when he invited Gen Z political commentator Nick Fuentes, a The outspoken white supremacist, who has been harshly criticized as a Holocaust denier, dined with former President Donald Trump at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate.

In addition to the Biden and Musk reactions on Twitter, the accounts of members of the Republican House Judiciary Committee have finally deleted a months-old tweet that said It read “Kanye. Elon. Trump.” — a message that many on the platform criticized for West’s earlier behavior.

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Multiple GOP leaders denounced Trump’s meeting with Ye and Fuentes, including his former Vice President Mike Pence, in an interview with News Nation Now “Trump is wrong to have a white nationalist, an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier at the negotiating table,” said at the time. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) also slammed Fuentes, calling him an expert on white supremacy and saying he didn’t think “anyone should spend time with Nick Fuentes”. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) believes Trump’s meeting with Ye and Fuentes could ruin his 2024 presidential aspirations, telling reporters that “there is no anti-Semitism in the Republican Party.” There is no room for ideology or white supremacy.” In response to the backlash, Trump posted on his social media platform Truth Social that he had no idea Fuentes would be coming, saying West “unexpectedly joined him. I don’t know anything about them.” Trump also downplayed the incident, calling it “quick and calm.” The deal was terminated following a series of racist and anti-Semitic tirades, mostly on social media. In October, he wore a shirt that read “White Lives Matter” to a fashion show, choosing a term associated with a neo-Nazi group, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. His Instagram account was restricted after he posted an image of a text conversation with rapper Sean “Diddy” Combs filled with anti-Semitic tropes, and later tweeted that he would be “performing a death hoax 3 on Jews.” Afterwards, his Twitter account was also restricted.

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