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Hitoshi Aino's Reincarnated Prince Fantasy World Manga Ends With Next Chapter

tensei-oji-ga-gensaku-chishiki-de-sekai-saikyo tensei-oji-ga-gensaku-chishiki-de-sekai-saikyotensei-oji-ga-gensaku-chishiki-de-sekai-saikyo

© Douma Oda/Jin Aino Kodansha’s monthly base website revealed on Monday that Jin Aino and Dо ̄Oda Ma’s Tensei Ōji ga Gensaku Chishiki de Sekai Saikyō (a reincarnated prince using his knowledge of the original game to become the world’s strongest) manga will have its next chapter on August 4th.

Aino and Oda published a manga in 200624. Kodansha published the third volume of the manga on April 7th. The manga is based on Aino’s original novel, which he began publishing online on the Shōsettsu-ka ni Narou (“Let’s Be Novelists”) website in September 2020.

The story tells the story of Hozu, a gamer and speedrunner of the role-playing game “Destiny Killer”, who is reincarnated as an evil prince into another world. He was sentenced to five years of death. To save his favorite character, Gina the Hairy-Eared Maid, from a bad ending, he draws on lore from the original game.

Ainuo first released the
novel in November . This novel inspired Sota Sumizawa’s October manga 2020. tensei-oji-ga-gensaku-chishiki-de-sekai-saikyo

Source: Yuema Heji’s Twitter account 200624tensei-oji-ga-gensaku-chishiki-de-sekai-saikyo




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