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H&M expands its plus-size line with help from Tess Holliday

In a time when we’re seeing fewer plus-size models on the runways and on the shelves, H&M US is fighting back. The brand has hired model Tess Holliday as its scale and inclusivity consultant and launched an expanded version of its plus collection. “H&M sees inclusivity as a business imperative. H&M’s evolution and progress in expanding sizing reflects our commitment and focuses on the challenges we have faced, the progress we have made and more to come,” said H&M Americas Inclusivity and Diversity chief Donna Dozier Gordon said.

This expansion will be available nationwide in women’s sizes up to 4XL and men’s sizes up to 3XL, online and in-store up to 2XL. Prior to this expansion, H&M’s complete womenswear and menswear assortment had been increased in size only to XL in store and online, and as part of H&M+, the online womenswear selection ranged from 3XL to 4XL.

Additionally, shopping in-store and online will be a more inclusive experience, with 2X in-store stock, a priority search tab on its website, and a promise to increase the number of its models Variety of sizes.

“As a brand, our mission as a brand is to make style accessible to everyone, and that’s a key part of that,” Dozier Gordon said in an email. “Tess is helping us assess how we can speak to this shopper in the right way and best represent them.”

Holliday has previously worked with H&M, modeling at global events (Including with Iggy Pop) was invited to a project in 24 that included the size she wore: Holliday wore a size , and pieces only go up to XL.

“I contacted H&M and told them this shouldn’t be happening. What can we do to fix it? What can we do to make sure no one else will have the experience I had ?” Holliday told me recently. “I was very surprised and relieved that they not only solved the problem, but invested in it.”

Holliday signed with H&M as a consultant in August 2022, but while she takes immense pride in her work — saying “it’s one of the most rewarding things I’ve done in my career” — she’s not sure the public will know she’s working for the brand role in the ongoing push for greater inclusion, as until now her consulting role had been kept private. Ahead of H&M’s size expansion announcement, Vogue spoke to Holliday about what the role means to her, what she can’t wait to wear, and what it’s like to plus The future of fashion is both exhausting and hopeful.



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