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Holiday Hostess Gifts for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and more 2022

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‘This is the season of joy and generosity! You’ll be so proud of these gifts, you won’t want Santa to keep any secrets. Festive entertaining is varied, but whether you’re adding mince pies to Mistletoe Mary, hash browns to Hanukkah Harriet, or caviar to Auld Lang Syne, we’ve got the proverbial star on top of the Christmas tree for every occasion, like a pearl Mother-of-pearl caviar for a classic New Year’s Eve hostess serve.

Not to mention the right gift for the right occasion or personality type, whether it’s quilted stockings from The Six Bells, a fondue set for the hostess of the mountain, or a creamy Roll Italy’s number one visitor’s outfit.

Giving as you wish has always been my motto, so for my part, I’m giving away Ina Garten’s cookie dough sampler so Santa is well cared for, and La Burdick’s Hot Cocoa in a Tory Burch Mocha Porcelain Mug or Snoopy’s Gingerbread Dog House – all you need is a Vince Guaraldi soundtrack!

For Mistletoe Mary

She’s Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen, help your favorite Cupid decorate the halls – bedroom and powder room, and her co-op lobby – with festive vibes that even she didn’t expect, like Ina Garten Sample baked at home cookies that Santa will squeeze back down the chimney for more, or Meri Meri’s Reindeer Cookies (I’ve never seen a cookie I didn’t like for Christmas!)

Barefoot Contessa Ina’s Favorite Cookie

Meri Meri Plaid Bow Tie Reindeer Cookies

Loulou Le Dune Clara Placemat and Napkin Set

FlowerBx Berry Eucalyptus Wreath

Stylish Decorative Bird Puzzle

Peanuts Snoopy Holiday Dog House

Dedicated to Hanukkah Harriet

She worked so hard for eight nights; it’s your job to keep her fire ablaze. You’ve got eight gifts for her, and one thoughtful, perfect gift – Porta’s striped water jug ​​or the most luxurious honey – is just what she needs and will make the holidays festive.

Lou & Co. Hanukkah Blessings Painted Candles

Flamingo Estate Royal Nectar Manuka Honey

Malaik a Jade Lotus Cocktail Napkins

For Society Cygnet

She memorized every layout of Lee Radziwill’s home, waited five hours at The Row sample sale, and insisted on William Poll Watercress dip. Make this social x-ray sparkle with Aerin’s hand-painted porcelain peonies, a chocolate lobster that reminds her of summer in Maine, or a set of famous feud masks that will give Ryan Murphy a run for his money. Talk about answered prayers!

Irene Peony Porcelain Flower

D eeda Blair: Food, Flowers, and Fantasy by Deeda Blair

Bixby Chocolate Lobster Dinner

Moda Domus Set of 2 Large Oval Raffia Bowls

For Gen Z Cabin Core Antiques

Apparently, Harry Styles rated Thales “She only talked about antiques,” Swift said at the time. Spoil your little, Swift-y friend with these thoughtful gifts that will have her talking about them Evermore. She’ll swoon over Sea’s ruffled floral napkins or dainty Doen pajamas.

Antique red and white quilted stockings

Cherry Blossom Beginner Embroidery Kit

Sea Ida Ruffle Floral Print Napkin Set of Four

Salter House Victorian Tin Ration Cup

Hill House Home Tote Bag

for Ciao Bella Spritzer

Like everyone else on your Instagram feed, this friend last summer Went to Italy and omg she survived to tell the story. You’d love to tell her Ciao White Lotus level Italian stories and #TBT, but why not give her one last cheer full of Vibrant Lisa Corti napkins that will bring her back to Il Pelicano or cannoli kits

Carolina Irving and Daughters Marigold Dinner Plate

Veniero’s Classic Cream Roll Set

Clare V. grande Coin Clutch

Salamé and Sopresseta Wrapped Sausage Candles

Lisa Corti x Issimo Nizam Cotton Canvas Placemat Set of Four
Dedicated to Alpine Athena

You’ve heard of sunny friends, but what about winter friends? This is your go-to descriptor because you always choose to be a cabin guest rather than a beach house guest. Spoil your ski bunny benefactor with these log cabin chic gifts from cashmere to cocoa.

Boska Ceramic Fondue Set

Guests staying at Ski Team Polo

Tory Burch Mochaware Mug

PhD. Barbara Sturm Ski Cream

friendship all way long

You don’t have to give her a kiss when midnight strikes, but you should bring a present for your New Year’s Eve host. Everyone else has brought champagne, how about a champagne bottle apron or mother of pearl caviar suit? Or pamper her the next morning with some excellent citrus or Mah-ze-dahr’s homemade croissants.

The Vintage List Crystal Champagne Saucer

17471963111504164041 Chefanie Man on t he Moon Cocktail Napkins


1647597294781841Gohar Champagne Bottle Apron


40413779001538Houses & Parties Mother of Pearl Caviar Plate and Spoon



18542493252 Partner Farms Organic Valencia Oranges



934778093 Mah-Ze-Dahr Bakery at home Baked Croissants




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