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Hollywood flashback: 17 years ago, Channing Tatum broke out on 'Step Up'

One -Year before wearing a thong and becoming Magic Mike – Old Channing Tatum helped launch a different movie franchise about a guy who can feel the beat.

Star and Producer of Magic Mike’s Last Dance – Coming February from Warner Bros. and the trilogy to 2012’s Magic Mike, which is loosely based on Tatum’s own experience as a stripper — — There were some when he played the leading role in of 2006, The part of his belt) tightened. Anne Fletcher’s directorial debut focuses on troublemaker teenage Tyler (Tatum), who gets caught wrecking a fancy performing arts school and enlists in the army to help dance student Nora (played by Jenna Dee) Wan (played by Jenna Dewan) for a senior recital. Summit Entertainment’s head of production, Erik Feig, met with screenwriter Duane Adler (Save The Last Dance) and came up with an idea for the aspiring show. Loose idea of ​​starting a high school.

“I watched Fame because we wanted to do something in that world ,” Adler told THR. “I went back to Eric and said, ‘What if we have a kid who gets forced out and he doesn’t want to be there?'”

Tatum’s longtime manager Peter Gere Nan said making the film was like a “major breakthrough” for the actor, who didn’t expect his dance prowess to fuel a Hollywood role.

Even though other actresses were playing Nora, it went to DeWine, whose introduction to Tatum on set made them tie the knot 165. Editor Nancy Richardson recalled that her assistant worried that the kissing scenes in the dailies were too romantic and distracting.

“Channing and Jenna were both filming, laughing in the middle of the camera — they were clearly in love,” Richardson said. “It’s so cute.” (The couple share a daughter and divorced in 2012.)

Disney August release movie 02, 2006, although THR’‘s comment thinks this The movie is predictable, but it emphasizes Tatum as “reasonably charismatic and highly physical.” Step Up Collected $165 Global Million Dollars (10 million dollars today) and has spawned four sequels plus a TV series and planned live shows to keep an eye on 2021 released.

Although neither he nor DeWine appeared in the follow-up, Tatum left a deep impression. “He’s really special,” Richardson said.

'Step Up' review in The Hollywood Reporter in 2006

THR called the pair a “perfect match” in its review, but declared the film “wanna-be” fame. ”

This story first appeared in the Feb. 8 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. Click here to subscribe.



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