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Hollywood Flashback: Anne Hathaway Dreams Come True With 'Les Misérables'

The current awards season marks Anne Hathaway’s run this year in James Grey’s Doomsday with a slew of supporting actress awards – including Bafta, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild and Oscar – for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables . The actress has established herself in movies like The Princess Diaries , The Devil Wears Prada and Movie star status Brokeback Mountain , she won her first Oscar for 2012 Best Actress nomination Rachel is married .

Oscar Gold Comes in Five Years, Tom Hooper Adapts Stage Musical for the Big Screen, Hathaway Plays Sex-Hungry Sex on Screen Worker, missing all his hair and teeth, sang the heartbreaking ‘I Had a Dream’ before dying hoarsely. Her performance was hailed as the standout of an all-star cast, led by Hugh Jackman and starring Russell Crowe, Eddie Redmayne, Amanda Seyfried and Helena Bonham Carter .

“Hathaway dominates and weeps like a doomed Fantine,” Todd McCarthy writes in his THR wrote in a review for Universal Movies, adding how she “gamely got dirty on screen and her hair was cut off.”

Hathaway fought hard for the role, which her own mother played years ago in the first national tour of a Broadway production. “My mom and I were talking about the idea of ​​Fantine lighting a match and she just watched it burn out. She needed to blow it out and let the darkness in,” Hathaway said in THR explained at the Actress Roundtable in December . During her days on set, Heather Vie basically starved herself to death (“Relying on small amounts of oatmeal to lose weight 25 pound,” as THR describes it), in addition to teaming up with a sex slavery researcher to immerse herself in the role.

“Les Miserables” in eight of 2021 Nominated in the category*) Academy Awards and won three awards. When Hathaway took the stage to accept the award, she admitted the dream had come true, opening her speech with “it came true”.

Excerpt of THR's 2013 review of 'Les Miserables'

THR’s Todd McCarthy praised Anne Hathaway in his review, But consider the film, with its melodrama and intense performances, “heavy, if soaring, monotonous.”

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter Magazine in December in an independent journal. To receive this magazine, click here to subscribe .



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