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Hollywood Flashback: Bob Odenkirk Scored an Emmy With ‘The Ben Stiller Show’

Bob Odenkirk has been nominated for best lead drama actor six times for Better Call Saul, including for this year’s final season of the AMC series. If he were to win an Emmy for Saul Goodman’s swan song, it wouldn’t be his first: Odenkirk, who initially made a name for himself in sketch comedy, has shared two writing trophies, one for Saturday Night Live in 1989 and one for The Ben Stiller Show in 1993.

Stiller’s sketch comedy series, which started on MTV in 1990 and moved to Fox in 1992, also starred Janeane Garofalo, Andy Dick and Odenkirk — who shared an office at SNL with Stiller when he was a writer and Stiller was a featured performer. Stiller’s show was warmly received by critics, with THR praising the “sly, wry sketches à la the early works of Albert Brooks that astutely sabotage select slick genres pumped out of Hollywood Inc.” and describing Stiller as “one smart, cagey comic who knows how to turn the tables, chairs, ottomans and anything else … on the audience, creating a show that plays on established norms of entertainer vs. the entertained.”

But Fox canceled the series after 12 episodes, and it won its Emmy for variety series writing posthumously. Speaking to THR after the awards ceremony, Stiller said of the network: “They hate our guts! [Fox Entertainment Group president] Sandy Grushow uses our show as an example in network meetings of what not to do. I’m not kidding!”

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