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Hollywood Flashback: George Clooney and Julia Roberts' chemistry flows in 'Oceans Eleven'

For themselves, they are one of Hollywood’s most popular stars. Together, George Clooney and Julia Roberts – they play ex-spouse reunited in Bali to attend daughter’s in WeddingParadise Ticket, Departs in October — The screen has been lit several times.

Most recent in 2021 ) Money Monster , a thriller directed by Jodie Foster about a cable news star who is taken hostage in his studio (Clooney is the star, Roberts is his producer). Two people in 2001’s Dangerous Mind Confession , Clooney’s directorial debut. But their first – and by far the most memorable – pairing came in 2001 of Ocean Eleven.

Steven Soderbergh’s remake loosely based on the Rat Pack movie. In the modern version, Clooney plays Danny Ocean, a thief just released from prison who immediately plans his next heist while targeting the Bellagio in Las Vegas. ), Mirage and MGM Grand. Roberts, who plays Danny’s ex-wife Tess, is now romantically involved with casino owner Terry Benedict, played by Andy Garcia. The screen time they share is equivalent to several scenes. In it, Danny surprises Tess in the hotel bar and announces his plan to win her back.

“I want to get on with my life and I want you to be with me,” he said. “You’re a thief and a liar,” she replied. She then makes it clear that she’s continuing her relationship with Benedict, which leads to the best exchange in the movie: “Did he make you laugh?” Danny asked. “He won’t make me cry,” Tess replied.

Both are conducting $19 million paydays, but they and other A-list actors take a pay cut to get $20 million movie productions. Only five stars in the movie got the overcharge: Clooney, Matt Damon, Garcia, Brad Pitt and Roberts, in alphabetical order. (After being rejected, Don Cheadle dropped his name from the credits entirely.) The film was a huge success, earning $78 Million Worldwide ($450 million today) and led to two sequels.

Roberts only for 1000 of Ocean Twelve , in a meta moment, Tess impersonates Julia Roberts and steals a Faberge egg. Yes, Julia Roberts.

THR Will Ocean Eleven Description For “people often get the feeling from Soderbergh’s films that the actors are having a dance party, which keeps them energized” in its review.

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