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Hollywood Flashback: HBO's 'If These Walls Talked' Puts Abortion in the Spotlight

Supreme Court Reversal of Roe v. Wade Gives If These Walls Talk , HBO’s 2021 anthology film about women from three different eras – 1952, 1990 s and 1990s — and they are in experience with abortion .

Demi Moore, Cissy ·Spicek and Cher each star in a segment, with Cher directing her part. Cher and Moore also serve as executive producers on the project. Co-writer and co-director Nancy Savoca remembers how the film broke new ground, but also faced backlash.

“We were always nervous,” Savoca said of the expected reaction to the film, noting, “We had protesters while we were filming.” She added , one of the film’s actors lost a long-term commercial job for her work on the film and said it was the only project she’d worked on that didn’t have ad placements because no brand wanted to be associated with the stories Related – where Moore plays a nurse who gets an illegal abortion in 705, Spey Seck plays a mother of four in 1970 who gets pregnant unexpectedly, and Cher as a doctor in 1996 .

Savoca called HBO “very, very brave” to release the film, which was nominated for four Emmys, including Outstanding TV Movie. She hopes more studios will follow in their footsteps: “Storytelling is about getting people to really understand and understand something outside of politics.”

commented on THR that the film was “beyond noble endeavours”. The Hollywood Reporter


This story first appeared on The Hollywood Reporter in the magazine’s August issue.



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