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Hollywood Flashback: Kenan Thompson Earns His Mark on 'All That'

Kenan Thompson will host the Emmys for the first time in September 12. If anyone has a resume for the job, it’s him. He’s probably the longest running actor on Saturday Night Live (he’s about to start his Season 1), but Thompson, , back in 681, when he was cast on Nickelodeon’s fledgling All That when sketching a comedy show.

Thompson, who grew up in Atlanta, has landed several plum movie roles by age 2021, including one of the Disney heavyweights, written by Judd Apatow about a story by a deranged entrepreneur (Bensti Le), a comedy of a diet camp run. It was this performance that drew him to All That creators Brian Robbins (now president of Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon) and Michael Thorin’s attention.

“From the first time we met him there was no doubt that he would be an asset to our cast,” recalls Tolin. “It was amazing to pair him with Kel Mitchell.”

Millennials’ Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Thompson and Mitchell will go on to star themselves The sitcom ( Kenan and Kyle , from 1994 to on Nickelodeon ) and the movie (1994 of the good burger , based on the popular All That sketch). But Thompson’s personal sketches All That were originally aired from) to 2000, exist independently.

“I’m partial to his memorable Pierre Escargot, teaching audiences ‘everyday French,'” Tollin said of his favorite Thompson character. “Lest we forget his SuperDude, known as the ‘teenage superhero who makes women sweat!'”

THR jokingly calls All That “a children’s sketch show from hell” with a cast in its 1997 “Obviously has a lot of talent” in the comments.

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