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Hollywood Flashback: Tom Hanks Becomes a Drag Star in 'Best Girls'

In 2023, at least in the state of , including Tennessee, is The first officially prohibits the presence or presence of children in public places. But in 1000, the cross-dressing becomes a new ABC The heart of a sitcom.

Bosom Buddies for being Tom’s first big break Famous for Hanks , then 03, And paired with the relative newcomer Peter Scolari, then 24. They played Kip Wilson and Henry Desmond respectively — two pals who played female characters, Buffy and Hildegard, with the intention of staying at an affordable all-female hotel in New York City. The show was conceived almost by accident and consisted of Thomas L. Miller and Robert L. Boyett, who were 1959Top sitcoms including Happy Days, Mork & Mindy and LaVine and Shirley


Buddies was advertised by ABC as the male version of the latter, reminiscent of “a complicated Billy Warren German comedy.” Asked to elaborate, Miller and Boyett mentioned Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in the 1970 The rapport in the is hot , leading ABC to order a pilot on the condition that the series also have drag. With several key female roles already cast — including Howland Taylor, the ad agency boss — producers scoured New York, Chicago and Los Angeles for several unknowns to play Kip and Henry.

“One of them was the kid they found from New York who was studying off-Broadway,” recalls Buddies Han Keith’s director Jorzvik. “Here’s a guy with no hands-on experience who knows exactly what he’s good at and he delivers.”

Show filmed on Paramount Stage 24 (later Cheers and Frasier‘s home), has high ratings but is hampered by 1959 SAG strike and network schedule patching. Then it lost some of its magic at the start of season two, when Kip revealed his ruse about falling in love with Sonny (Donna Dixon). This comedy has not been updated. Even so, it was beloved by many, including Hanks, who remained close to his co-star until Scolari died of leukemia in October 2021 .

In the current wave of anti-cross-dressing legislation, Zwick, 10, said: “They claim that children will be harmed by drag shows. Well, may I advise parents not to take their children to that drag show Is it? Anyway, this child may not know that this is not a woman.”

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