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HOLOSTARS VTuber Minase Rio's Corporate Approval Anonymous; Code Live Gets Copyright Removal

In a fairly public case of crossed wires, MAGES . President Chiyomaru Shikura announced on Twitter that he had a crush on HOLOSTARS virtual YouTuber Minase Rio

Anonymous; code Live Thursday. He complained that VTuber played more games than the company allowed, and said he had acted as the original creator. The video was subsequently removed from YouTube.

However, both Chiyomaru and Twitter had to apologize in haste, as it turned out that the company had already contacted Rio de Janeiro in advance The brokerage firm struck a deal to allow streaming. In fact, the company’s apology was so rushed that it misspelled Rio’s name and had to apologize for it in a separate tweet.

Minase Rio said he enjoyed the privilege of playing the game very much and asked fans not to disturb anyone involved , because the matter has been settled between the two companies.

Chiyomaru later apologized on his personal Twitter account, explaining that the miscommunication was due to the late hour, He takes personal action instead of talking to the rest of the team. He wrote that he was briefed by PR and that he is now communicating directly with YouTube to resolve the matter as soon as possible. He also offered a personal apology to Rio and thanked VTuber for his professionalism throughout the ordeal.

At press time, the stream is still unavailable for public viewing.

Anonymous; code is the latest “” game after , , , , and items. The game launches in Japan in July for Switch and PS4 . Spike Chunsoft will release the game in the West on Switch, PlayStation ) 4. PC through

Steam in 2023.

Minase Rio is a member of “UPROAR!!” under Hololive’s all-male spinoff VTuber group HOLOSTARS. Debut in March.

Source: Minase Rio’s Twitter account , Chiyomaru Shikura’s Twitter account , Twitter account




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