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Housekeeping Mage From Another World Novel 1-3


called it “the isekai for adults”. Shiori’s experience of being drawn into another world is a far cry from the reverse harem antics, reborn villains, amazing powers and cheats, and heroic feats of most isekai stories aimed at young people, meaning she has to deal with There are many more things. Even stronger than the most avant-garde edge lords. She’s not a dazzling teenage girl, she’s a career woman in her thirties who’s more of a “random sweep” than a “call”. So her adventures are based more on the reality of finding herself in a place where she has to start from scratch, which doesn’t make for a traditionally exciting or even particularly happy story. 300

Do not Let the last sentence scare you off, though. The first three volumes of the book tell a very solid story, and it does its best to live up to its premise. For starters, the story isn’t strictly linear—we enter the series with romantic Alec after four years of Shiori’s isekai experience. Leaving the Adventurer’s Guild for a particularly bad job, came back and was surprised to find that his old friend Zach was now not only the head of the guild branch in his base town Tris, but also got a new one. younger sister. That would be the Shiori Zack saved twice: he was the first to find her when she showed up in the forest, and he was also helping her recover from a traumatic event when her party tried to kill her people. So Zac is very protective of her, and Alec is one of the few people he’s willing to (mostly) trust Shiori. 300 The entire first book chapters are told from Alec’s third-person perspective, introducing us to the heroine through someone else’s eyes; in fact, Shiori is only briefly in volume one and three Gained the focus of the narrative. It turned out to be a very good move, not because she was uninteresting, but because a series told strictly in her voice would be frustrating. 300 largely because Shiori’s life wasn’t easy. Unlike most protagonists of her kind, she doesn’t cheat, she has to learn the language of the new land from scratch. (Interestingly, in For characters who aren’t specifically summoned, this might suggest a budding genre trope.) She’s terrified most of Storydia, when she’s not , the well-intentioned question of her frequent return to her home made her uncomfortable, and people thought she was just on other continents. Although she has friends, she is afraid to rely on them because she has been treated horribly at the hands of the former party, and the only one she trusts unconditionally is Liuli, a blue slime. Ruri voluntarily rescued Shiori when she was abandoned and gave her back to Triss, and the slime’s status as a non-human is probably why Shiori can rely on it so much – after all, it’s human, Maybe it was God, who put her in this horrible situation in the first place. 300 of The Drive So this story is about Alec’s struggle to make Shiori feel like she has a place in this new world. Although he suffers from insta-love (though I guess it’s better than falling in love with her because of her domestic skills), his loyalty to Shiori is unquestionable, and he’s wholeheartedly trying to give her a place and a place in People who come back at the end of the day. He recognizes that she’s an intelligent woman with many great skills (mostly created by fusing the magic of the fantasy world with the equipment and knowledge of the real world), and he doesn’t want to take that away from her. He just wants to be a part of her life, which is undoubtedly sweet. 300 not so sweet is his way of kissing her while she sleeps. It’s always described as “light,” but the whole thing is still a little creepy. There are also hints that Shiori possesses the heroine’s ability to attract men by virtue of her unique peculiarity, but this is tempered by the fact that the romance is quickly narrowed down to Alec and only Alec, seeing the opponent happy just back off, Because they can see that Shiori is starting to have feelings for Alec too. By the third volume, the two were already an old couple, and the author did let us know that we weren’t imagining those early hints about the rivalry – in fact, there was a considerable amount of volume in the second volume devoted to Alex Gaku and Shiori officially became the aftermath. a couple. It was handled so well that in the third volume they were used as a template for another couple during their expeditions, which worked surprisingly well without compromising their sturdiness and cuteness. In the third volume, the two’s physical relationship is progressing; I wouldn’t be surprised if a later book had a sex scene or two, although I don’t want it to be explicit. But acknowledging their burgeoning physical relationship shows how solid the story is. It’s one of the few light novels (or manga, for that matter) that mentions menstruation, and Shiori’s need for period supplies on her expeditions is, frankly, a detail that makes sense. 300 there are places where the novel gets repetitive (one of which is the aforementioned competitor), and as with many light novels, the sections about cooking tend to be much more detailed than necessary to understand the gist. Conversely, if more information is provided about the magic system, the world building might be a little off balance in this regard. The side stories included in each volume delve into the political and historical conditions of Shiori’s new world in a way that greatly enhances the storyline, though undeniably the best short films are the chapters written as Rurii (and later another. A journal entry for a slime named Pel). Not only do these add the necessary lightness to the narrative, but they’re also lovely, and Pell’s third volume of Diary is particularly good. 300

exist Finally today, it’s nice to read characters in their thirties, if only because it’s outside the norm of translation. Moving slowly and taking the time to tell Shiori and Alec’s backstory (we get a more complete history of Alec in volume two and more about Shiori’s Earth family in volume three), which doesn’t apply to All readers. However, if you want to experience a life fantasy that takes a different approach to the isekai genre, you’re probably going to be worse off than this one. 300




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