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Honda and Idemitsu Host 10th Anniversary of Rider Development Program at Japanese Grand Prix

Honda and Idemitsu hold Rider Development Project 10th anniversary event at Japanese Grand Prix
TOKYO, Sept. 26, 2022 –(JCN Newswire) — Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the rider development program launched by Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (Director, President and Representative Executive Director: Toshihiro Mibe) and Idemitsu Kosan Co. , Ltd. (Idemitsu, Representative Director President & CEO: Shunichi Kito) aims to “discover and nurture world-class Asian riders and develop racing culture in Asia”, the two companies held a ceremony at Mobility Resort Motgi, 2022 FIM The 16th round of the Japanese Grand Prix of the MotoGP World Championship is being held here.

Honda and Idemitsu’s rider development program began with the 2013 IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia entry to the Moto2 World Championship. In 2016, the Honda Asia team, which aims to provide roads for Moto2, began to compete in the Moto3 class. The following year, the Idemitsu Asia Talent Cup, organized by Dorna Sports SL., kicked off with the goal of developing world-class riders. In 2018, IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia rider Takaaki Nakagami transferred from Moto2 to represent LCR Honda IDEMITSU in the MotoGP category, completing the development path to the top riders. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the project, the two companies held a ceremony at the Mobility Resort Motegi track, home to the Japanese Grand Prix. LCR Honda IDEMITSU’s Takaaki Nakagami, IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia’s Ai Ogura and Somkiat Chantra, Honda Team Asia’s Mario Suryo Aji and Taiyo Furusato, Moto2/Moto3 Team Manager Hiroshi Aoyama, and IDEMITSU Honda Team Asia’s 1st Team Manager Tadayuki Okada and Takahashi Yuki. Idemitsu President Shunichi Kito, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Hondas President Toshihiro Mibe expressed their renewed enthusiasm for a project that continues to develop racing culture in the Asian region. Shunichi Kito: Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd.
for ten years as a technical advisor on fleet oil strategy . There are many achievements in the program, starting with Yuki Takahashi’s participation in the Moto2 class, Nakagami Takaaki becoming the only Japanese driver to participate in the MotoGP class since 2018, and former Asian Talent Cup riders Ai Ogura and Somkiat Chantra winning the Moto2 class . All car fans. Thanks for our continued support. We will continue to fight side by side with riders who are aiming high, aiming high, aiming high, aiming high. ” Toshihiro Mibe: Director, President and Representative Executive Officer, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
has celebrated its tenth anniversary. For Honda , this project is part of its racing activities in the Asian region, it aims to make the dream of young drivers who are interested in competing at the MotoGP level come true and is very rewarding. I am very grateful for Idemitsu’s continued support of this project. We hope that through more and more of Asian riders compete at the top MotoGP level, and motorsport will become more popular.”*FIM: International Motorcycle Federation


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