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Honda feels it's a bigger step than rival SUPER GT engine

GT500 rules state that all crew members can use two engines per season, so manufacturers often introduce improved “Spec 2” units late in the season.

Toyota did so at the fifth round of the August season at Suzuka, while both Honda and Nissan opted to launch their own this month The second engine of the Sugo.

While mixed weather conditions meant Honda’s three championship-winning Bridgestone teams all experienced Forget about the race, but the Sakura brand is still satisfied with the NSX-GT’s top speed with the second engine boosted.

Head of car development Tomohiro Onishi jokes “You can never have enough power!” when asked to evaluate Honda’s Spec in Sugo 2 unit performance, he added that he believed a similar step was taken last year when the second engine was introduced.

“When we introduced the second engine last year, I think we improved a lot,” Onishi said. “It feels like we’ve done the whole package and I think this year is similar to last year.

” The car is certified and we Can’t change something, but I think the second engine is powerful and fits the character of the car.

“It’s hard to tell how far our competitors have come with their second engine, but I think we A bigger step between the first and second engine.”

After Yoshihide Suga’s tough race , Honda’s top representatives in the championship, Royal Motorsport’s Yamashita Tsukakoshi and Nobuharu Matsushita, are fifth in the points standings, 20 points behind their penultimate finish at the Autopolis round this weekend.

NSX-GT project leader Masahiro Saiki said he hoped the improved engine performance would allow Honda to remain in contention for the championship ahead of the final round of the season in Motegi.

“Mixed response to the engine, but the speed trap stats have improved, which in general seems to be an improvement ,” Saiki said.

“Honda has been in the lower range in terms of speed traps so far, but if we see where it is now, I think Boosting the engine’s potential has definitely had an effect.

“I want to use this to get us in the title race for the final race. ”

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